Women's Kentucky Derby Hats: Weird and Creative

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Hats at the Kentucky Derby are usually of the fancy variety -- but a few definitely stand out as weird.

When it comes to being odd with hats, men are usually the ones taking top prize. On the other hand, women at the Kentucky Derby were making hats look absolutely uncanny long before Princess Beatrice got the idea. Thankfully, over the past few years, the internet has given us plenty of chances to review the bad hat days of women attending the Derby.

Matted wig may be Kentucky Derby hat inspiration

Each year, before the Kentucky Derby race is run, there are two important events preceding it that give women the strange ideas about what their hats should look like. The Royal Ascot in England certainly attempts to prevent hideous hats in the higher priced seats, but their dress code requirements for hats are lost on the General Admission crowd.

On the other hand, the Dubai World Cup absolutely encourages all patrons to compete in their "Most Creative Hat" category that is part of the Jaguar Style Stakes contests. The Style Stakes asked for unique- and they got it. The "hats" that won for 2012 looked like wigs shaped into horseracing-related sculptures.

Women's weird Kentucky Derby hats over the years

Like many men, women at the Kentucky Derby are glue gun focused. Since hot glue can hold anything, everything is fair game to be added to the hats. Of course, the theme of all these women's weird hats that makes them 'Derby-fied' is roses.

One or two is nice, but anything in the 20-100 range instantly makes you look eccentric. Proving this point are several photos on the StyleWithAnna.com blog from 2009. If you think that things looked bad three years ago, do not go into shock when you see the strange photos from 2010 and 2011.

Keeping Louisville's Derby hats weird at Dee's Crafts

Do you ever wonder where women buy those odd Kentucky Derby hats? While the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kent., keeps locals up to snuff on the latest trends for the 2012 Kentucky Derby, those theories go out the window when some women show up to Dee's Crafts. A local store that is one of the center points of 'Derby Fever,' Dee's has a special each year for creating your own Kentucky Derby hats.

Despite their good intentions, Dee's display of ropes upon ropes of beads, feathers, and finery are too much for some women to bear. Once the glue guns are out and the basic hat has been fitted; calamity ensues. For this reason, you often hear women in Louisville talk about the outlandish Kentucky Derby hat that they made, but never wore, that hangs on display in their home.

In their defense, many of these women are trying to recreate the strange hats from the first Kentucky Derby that are from the Edwardian and Victorian fashion eras.

What to do with your bizarre hat after Derby

Do you have an eccentric cousin that you are afraid is going to ruin your wedding photos by looking freaky? With or without his knowledge, Prince William suffered this fate when his cousin Princess Beatrice showed up at his wedding wearing a Philip Treacy fascinator.

Now known as one of the weirdest hats of the British Royals, Princess Beatrice decided not to keep the hat. Instead, her mother, the Duchess of York, told Oprah that, "She's putting it up on eBay to auction it for UNICEF and for children in crisis." This proves that there is hope for women with garish hats ready for public display at the 2012 Kentucky Derby. After you shock the crowd and are informally elected as the most over-the-top hat wearer of them all, you can use it as a charity fundraising item.

No matter where you get your ideas to wear a strange Kentucky Derby hat this year, do not forget to post the photos of your fascinating fascinator online afterward for the rest of us to enjoy.

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