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The Women United Football Club has partnered with the Futbol Artist Network to create a T-shirt for charity. The club was formed to unite female soccer fans who support MLS and has reached more than 400 members. Now, the Women United Football Club is helping Street Soccer USA through the sales of a special edition shirt.

"The Beautiful Game"

The Women United Football Club (WUFC) has joined forces with the Futbol Artist Network to create a T-shirt for soccer fans. Ty Palmer, the artist, has placed "The Beautiful Game" design on two backgrounds, so fans can choose between blue or red shirts. The shirts are manufactured in the U.S., and a portion of the sales is split with $5 benefitting the artist and $5 going to the Street Soccer USA charity. The T-shirts are available for a limited time, and fans have three days left to order. The design will not be sold after Sept. 12.

Street Soccer USA and the Women United Football Club

WUFC has selected Street Soccer USA to receive a portion of the T-shirt sales. This charity is dedicated to fighting homelessness and poverty. Street Soccer USA has spread to 20 cities and continues to create programs that benefit communities. Its mission is to use sports as the catalyst for change by creating a team structure for the soccer players ready to end homelessness. MLS has also joined the movement with Chris Wondolowski making donations for every goal he scores. Wondolowski has created "One Goal at a Time" through Street Soccer USA and is encouraging fans to join the movement.

The partnership between the Women United Football Club and Street Soccer USA also has the goal of raising enough money to send at least one player to the Homeless World Cup. A total of 400 shirts need to be sold to raise the $2,000 for this goal. The Homeless World Cup will be held in Mexico City on Oct. 6 through Oct. 14, and its mission is similar to Street Soccer USA. This is an international event that includes 73 partners and has gained business support.

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