Winter Break Sports for Dads and Daughters

Kelly Herdrich
Yahoo! Contributor Network

One dad, three daughters, 10 days of winter vacation...go! As a mom, I love winter vacation not only because it gives us a break from hectic school schedules, but it also gives us quality time with our busy, working husband and father. Everyone tries to get some special time with dad when he's home. What are some fun father-daughter activities that will keep the kids entertained (and active) over winter break?

Ice skating

Winter is the perfect time for a trip to a local indoor or outdoor ice skating rink. The nature of this new, foreign sport makes it an ideal choice as a one-on-one activity. Dad and daughter can learn to skate side by side. Dad can be the one to pick her up when she falls. Grab a cup of hot chocolate afterwards and soothe your sore ego when she turns out to be a better ice skater than you.


I'll admit that while I love watching the snow fall from the comfort of my couch with a cup of coffee in hand, I'm not much for spending hours trudging up and down the nearest hill with the kids for hours on end. Enter dad of the year. Mom: help get the kids ready for the cold weather, and then let dad and daughters head out for sledding on their own. They'll have a blast, and he'll even earn some extra brownie points with mom for giving her a break.


If the weather is mild where you live, winter break can the an ideal time to teach younger kids to ride their bikes or to practice skills with the older ones. Is it time to say goodbye to training wheels? Let the guy in your little girl's life be a hero and learn a new skill over winter vacation. Take your older daughter on a new bike trail you've never tried before, or have your first father-daughter bike race!


Once your daughter is a teenager, she can learn to utilize your local gym and its many amenities, too. Whether dad and daughter are swimming laps in the indoor pool (even younger children can enjoy), training side by side on the elliptical trainer or even taking a yoga class together, a gym is a great place to stay active and have fun with your daughter during winter vacation. With any luck you'll help your teenage daughter form a lifelong healthy habit!