Winningest Teams in BCS Bowls Over Last 10 Years: A Fan’s Look Back

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The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) will be coming to an end in two years with a four-team playoff. To get to a BCS bowl is quite an achievement though it could be argued whether all the teams who qualified were, well, qualified. Except for a couple cases, those teams that were able to get to the BCS the most often, usually became the winningest. BCS bowl games include the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose and over the last six years, an extra championship game. Let's take a look at who won the most BCS bowl games since 2003.

First off, 12 teams have won two or more games over the past 10 seasons. The two-win clubs include Oklahoma, who also has the second most appearances, plus Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Boise State and Utah. Oklahoma Sooners should be commended for appearing seven times, although they lost five times during this 10 year period. 'Bama and Georgia were both 2-1 during this era while Auburn, Boise State and Utah appeared twice and won twice.

Three-time winners

There are four schools who have won three times over the last 10 years of BCS bowl games and they are: Florida, Texas, West Virginia and LSU. These teams have excellent win-loss averages with both Florida and West Virginia having no blemishes whatsoever at 3-0, while Texas and LSU have lost just once in four tries over the past decade.

The team with the second most wins over the last 10 years also has the most visits to the BCS over the past decade: the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes have a 5-3 record and missed only 2005 and the most recent season. Ohio State had three victories in the Fiesta Bowl and one each in the Rose and Sugar Bowls. Their losses were in two championship games and a narrow defeat in the Fiesta Bowl to Texas.


The winningest team in BCS bowls over the last 10 years is the University of Southern California Trojans who amassed six wins with only one loss during this past decade. In fact, they did it in an astounding seven straight BCS bowl appearances between '03 and '09 with their only loss to Texas in a thrilling championship game at the '06 Rose Bowl. The Trojans won four Rose Bowls ('04, '07-'09), the '03 Orange Bowl and another Orange Bowl that was also the '05 championship game.

Yes, a couple of these victories were vacated but until someone can prove USC cheated in those games to win, they're still in the win column. Check the BCS bowl page - the USC Trojans' wins and losses are still there without being vacated (source - BCS). Still don't understand how a school can be put on probation for what a family did in their own home over 100 miles away from the school. But I digress.

By the way, there are three teams who have a 1-0 record over the past 10 seasons: Louisville was victorious with a single appearance in the '07 Orange Bowl as well as Kansas who also went to the Orange Bowl and won, while Oklahoma State won in their only visit to a BCS bowl with an overtime victory in the Fiesta Bowl this past season.

This is a unique collection of teams but what appears obvious is if you're a powerhouse team, you stay a powerhouse team. All these teams should be proud and thankful in a way because after 2013, there will be only four teams involved in the big money games, where there used to be 10 schools who divvied up the big BCS bucks. The powerful will get more powerful.

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