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Why the WWE Tag Team Tournament is the Perfect Solution for the Division: Fan's Opinion

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It was not so long ago that the WWE was struggling to make anyone care about their tag teams. I remember when two or three teams seemed to constantly be rotated in an effort to "keep things fresh" and not get stale. When you only have three solid teams, that is a difficult task indeed. With the latest efforts being made to create new and exciting teams, that is no longer a problem. The WWE has started a fantastic tag team tournament to determine who will face Daniel Bryan and Kane at Hell in a Cell. Already I am starting to see the benefits. Here are several positive signs that are readily apparent to even the most casual observers:

Tag teams are starting to get booked correctly

There are always several WWE wrestlers that are sitting right on the edge of stardom but not quite ready for any number of reasons. The ability to put them in a tag team allows the stars to move forward without taking up spots in the single's scene prematurely. Tag team wrestling is a wonderful thing for a booker and allows them flexibility. Stars can be built the old fashioned way.

Some fringe guys are starting to get noticed

Pairing up Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes is a perfect example of this. Apart they were doing quite well, but together they are getting serious heat from the crowd. Damien Sandow is on the fast track it would appear and Cody is the perfect example of how to slow build a superstar. He has gradually gotten better and better the last couple of years and will be in the main event sooner rather than later.

The tag team tournament is giving all of these wrestlers a focus

One of the toughest things to watch as a fan is when wrestlers have no real focus. Mid-card wrestlers face this often as there are only so many belts that can be chased at a given time. Some wrestlers simply have to have feuds for the sake of having something to do. Tag teams make this problem go away and tournaments like this give large groups of wrestlers a focus in a fan's eyes.

When Hell in a Cell comes rolling along, the tag team division should be back in full force. Having several weeks to build up the teams has been a wonderful opportunity and I am thankful that the WWE finally has decided to do it. Tag team wrestling is back in the WWE and they are better off for it.

*Southern is a huge WWE fan that believes they could improve a great deal by looking back at the old NWA ways of doing things.

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