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Why the Super Bowl Should Be Played in Every Stadium, Especially Lambeau Field

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COMMENTARY | New York Giants' co-owner John Mara recently said that he'd be open to the idea of having a Super Bowl in Chicago, but not in Green Bay.

His claim being that he's all for the weather, but that Green Bay didn't have enough hotels to handle the masses of people who would descend on the city: "Papa Valley Inn isn't big enough" is how Mara put it.

Coming from a Chicago Bears loyalist, I don't care if Lambeau Field was on an island in the middle of the Arctic Circle, there is no place more worthy of hosting Super Bowls.

And guess what? So is every other stadium in the National Football League.

It's all about logistics
I sincerely doubt the NFL really cares about playing the game itself in less-than-ideal weather. They worry about traveling to the game, whether people can and/or want to get there, or, God forbid, having to postpone it. In other words, like usual, it's about money. And if that's the reason, it's tough to get behind it.

And knowing the Green Bay Packers and the fans, somehow, I think they'd figure it out if the Super Bowl came calling.

A level playing field
There are some who argue that they want the Super Bowl in a fair-weather climate (even better, a dome) so that the world championship of NFL football is played on an equal footing -- the two best teams fight it out with nothing but their talents.

This claim is a noble one. I would even agree with it were it not for one primary problem: The rest of the season isn't played like that.

We don't even have to mention the regular season. Who cares what type of competitive equilibrium exists in the Super Bowl if the teams playing won their games in wind, snow, and arctic temperatures to get there? It doesn't make much sense to, all of a sudden, demand an equal playing field when there's never been one prior in the season.

There's no guarantee that the two best teams are even playing -- except this year. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were clearly the two best teams in the NFL this season.

Adapting to weather shows even more about a team's talent
Sure, the final score might not be 41-38, but if a team pulls out a gritty Super Bowl win in the snow and wind, it illustrates a team's ability to adapt to their situation -- a mark of a champion.

If you want a game in ideal climate, well, go watch the Pro Bowl
If everyone really wanted a neutral playing field, why not play the Super Bowl in Hawaii every year like the Pro Bowl?

As a staunch supporter of the Chicago Bears, you can imagine my discomfort of the Bears potentially having to play a Super Bowl at Lambeau Field -- I'm trying to be evenhanded, here. It's not that I wouldn't want them to, it's that the Bears normally lose at Lambeau Field.

But, sometimes, it's about the game, not the team you're rooting for. This is one of those times.

They already have the locations planned out through 2018 (Super Bowl LII), so let's start the petition now!

Super Bowl LIII (2019): Lambeau Field or bust! Well, Soldier Field works fine, too.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears follower who thinks Phil Emery and Mark Trestman are going to win a Super Bowl in Chicago. Living in Illinois his entire life has given him an opportunity to closely follow the Bears and has soured him forever on the Cover-2 defensive scheme.

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