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Why St. Louis is a Cardinals Town

Despite Success in Other Sports, St. Louis is a Baseball Town

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COMMENTARY | The city of St. Louis is fortunate enough to have seen success at multiple levels of various sports franchises. Despite the support the citizens of the city will throw towards the other sports franchises in town, the city remains a baseball town at heart.

It would be hard to imagine St. Louis being anything other than a baseball town. There are many reasons for it but, ultimately, it comes down to a level of respect, history and a personal connection the people feel with the Cardinals. Let's take a look at five reasons why St. Louis remains loyal to the Cardinals above all others.

The St. Louis Blues annual letdown

The St. Louis Blues have become an annual threat in the NHL regular season. Unfortunately, the team cannot seem to recreate that success in the postseason. Fans will get behind the franchise and challenge Cardinal fans to abandon the early part of the baseball season in the excitement of playoff hockey. When the dust settles, the team struggles to play deep into the playoffs and leaves many Blues fans to find their way down Clark Avenue to Busch Stadium.

The St. Louis Rams

The Rams are the only team other than the Cardinals to hoist a championship banner in recent memory. Their success was short lived however, and the "greatest show on turf" soon found itself struggling to keep up in its own division. Now the team is battling with the city over stadium improvements and is suggesting a move out of the city soon. The best way to separate yourself from St. Louis fans is to show a lack of dedication to them.

Jack Buck

One of the city's favorite sons is easily identifiable on the national stage as well as the local one. The hall-of-fame broadcaster was well known for his love of the Cardinals and fans around the city loved him right back. Seeing Jack on national broadcasts of Super Bowls, World Series, and other sporting events allowed the city to stand behind him and swell with pride at the recognition he received. One of baseball's greatest ambassadors, Buck was synonymous with Cardinals baseball.

The Busch Family

Long before InBev became a household name, Budweiser was the King Of Beers and St. Louis was the home of the headquarters and family behind it. St. Louis may have stood behind the Busch family, but it was Gussie Busch that made sure the Cardinals would always be in St. Louis. One of the biggest Cardinals fans in the city, Busch bought the team when it seemed they would leave and the St. Louis Browns would remain as the baseball club of St. Louis. Gussie then bought Sportsman's Park and built Busch Memorial Stadium, helping revitalize the downtown area.

Stan "The Man" Musial

Stan Musial was the iconic Cardinal. The thing about Stan was he was not just a Cardinal, he was a St. Louisan. Many people recount stories of seeing him at grocery stores, restaurants or just around town in general. He openly greeted St. Louis fans young and old and showed that he was an honest, open, and approachable man. The city loved Stan as much for being a part of the city as they did for him being a Cardinal. It was his connection to the city that ensured that sports fans would have stories to pass down for generations and they would remain fans of the Cardinals above any and all other teams.

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