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Why Ronda Rousey vs. Cris 'Cyborg' Santos is an Illusion

Now You See It, Now You Don't

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COMMENTARY | Since the recent signing of Ronda Rousey to the UFC roster, many fans of the sport are clamoring for a women's MMA super-fight pitting Ronda Rousey (9-0) against Cris 'Cyborg' Santos (10-1). I'd be the first to admit that this fight is one I'd be willing to pay $44.95 to see.

A potential fight against Cyborg could draw quite a bit of attention and possibly gross the highest PPVs of any women's MMA fight to date. However, before we jump the gun on a potential WMMA super fight, let's break down four reasons why this fight will, probably, never happen. (Notice I left some wiggle room for a change of opinion)

Weight Watchers: There's no way, at least at this moment in time, Cyborg will make a 135 pound match. She's simply too big and too, dare I say, "bulky" to make that weight class. Ronda has refused to bump up in weight to meet the, one time, champion.

"Testing" Time: Let's face it; MMA has a problem with steroids. And now, believe it or not, women's MMA has a problem with steroids too. OK, maybe I'm being a little over dramatic but the fact remains Cyborg was popped for steroid use. And I guarantee you the UFC isn't going to allow another Alistair Overeem debacle. With that said, I'm sure both the UFC and Rousey will be pushing for strict testing prior to a possible super fight taking place.

Cutters: Timing is everything, especially when it comes to mixed martial arts match making (check out that alliteration!). While Cyborg has been on the sidelines, serving a suspension, the WMMA landscape has changed. Thanks to InvictaFC and Strikeforce there have been in influx of talented and highly skilled women fighters lining up to trade blows with the champ, Rousey.

Golden Child/Cow: The last, I think most important, reason why this fight won't happen is the fact that Rousey is turning into a mega-star. Since her rise to stardom, by beating Miesha Tate for the belt, Ronda has been on a media tear. From magazine covers to guest appearances, Rousey is turning heads and turning out money for the UFC. So why mess with that?

Without a doubt this fight would rank high on the all-time list, but would it be the greatest of all time? No. It certain would shatter the current PPV women's record but it would take an astrological alignment, like never seen before, for this to be the greatest of ALL time. The funniest part... it probably will never happen.

Scott Levesque is an MMA beat writer for the Peninsula Clarion covering mixed martial arts as a journalist and blogger. You can read him on and He's the co-host of The Undercard MMA podcast.

You can follow Scott on Twitter @scottlevesque

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