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Why Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Should Become a Full Time Tag Team: Fan’s View

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Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara have teamed up a couple of times on WWE programming of late and they have made quite an impact. The two of them together looks right and they also are very effective. Their complimentary styles help to showcase their talents and they also elevate the skills of whomever they are facing. Mysterio and Sin Cara have both seen success as singles, but perhaps it is time for them to take the tag team division by storm.

This team could complete the revolution of the tag team division

Mysterio and Sin Cara would instantly bring credibility to the division and make it must-see television once again. The tag teams have been without a pair of big name stars and draws for a very long time, so doing this would make sense for both the wrestlers and the company. These guys could make tag teams relevant again in the world of WWE entertainment.

Is there room for Mysterio and Sin Cara in the singles championships?

With so many youngsters running around and trying to get a foot hold, having Mysterio and Sin Cara occupied with the tag team titles makes perfect sense. This would keep their status high while freeing up singles title shots for the younger guys trying to climb the ladder. Having them on hand to battle for the tag team championship will be great for their exposure.

Mysterio will rub off on Sin Cara

Though Sin Cara may be a huge deal in Mexico and other areas of the world, this is Rey Mysterio's territory. He owns the WWE where masked luchadors are concerned. His popularity would certainly help Sin Cara to get over with the American crowds. The two would feed off of one another well.

The end game could be Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

Like all great tag teams, they must come to an end. These breakups become some of the greatest feuds of all and this is particularly true of wrestlers that have a natural feud built in. Sin Cara and Mysterio both want to be the best masked wrestlers, but only one can hold that spot. These two have represented a dream match for some time, and this would give them the platform to build it up naturally.

*Southern is a huge WWE fan that believes they could improve a great deal by looking back at the old NWA ways of doing things.

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