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Why Rajon Rondo is the Most Overrated Player on the Boston Celtics

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Five Reasons Rajon Rondo Is the NBA's Most Overrated Star

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Rajon Rondo.

COMMENTARY | For the past few seasons, many fans have been wondering when the Boston Celtics will become Rajon Rondo's team. While many believe that it happened a few years ago, some felt that it would never truly occur with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in town. With both veteran stars being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, the roster is completely gutted, leaving Rondo as the undisputed best player remaining.

For now, it appears that Danny Ainge is ready to build around Rajon Rondo. In doing this, he may be relying on the most overrated player on the team.

Over the past few years, Rondo's production has been undeniable. He puts up ridiculous assist numbers, and the Boston offense is best when he does so. Some even believe that he is too passive, and that his preference to get others involved is a bit of a fault.

We've seen some great moments from Rondo. He rises to the biggest occasions, and absolutely loves to play against the best players in the world. Rondo always seems to be at his best when he is on the national stage, where he can be a triple-double machine.

His ability to step up and play at his best in big situations has never been a question. The doubt creeps in when you consider his consistency and his will to play great in the "less important" games. Even with strong leaders such as Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers, Rondo certainly seems to coast and seems uninterested during stretches. Many question his attitude, as it sometimes seems as if he does things simply to spite people. If the Celtics are trying to build around him, this will not be acceptable.

This could become a huge issue with a new team, and a team where he is now looked at as the leader. If he is not traded, people will begin to realize that he is not one of the top players in the league, as many believe.

Rondo has the skill and the ability to bring this mediocre team to a level of respectability if he feels like it. This is what superstars do; they raise their play and the play of their teammates. It's tough to believe that Rondo will rise above the tough times that are waiting for him and the Boston Celtics as they enter a rebuilding phase. As the games become less important, it's easy to envision Rondo mailing it in. At this point, it will be clear that he is not a superstar.

Make no mistake, Rajon Rondo is an unbelievably gifted player who can play with anyone in the world when he feels like it. The problem is keeping him motivated enough to properly channel his talents. As the Celtics struggle this season, it will become clear that many have overrated Rondo over the past few seasons.

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