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Why Kofi Kingston Needs to Make His Move Right Now in WWE: Fan's Take

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Kofi Kingston has always been one of my favorite WWE Superstars. In fact, Kofi Kingston is liked by the vast majority of the WWE Universe. Being liked has never been a problem for the enigmatic Kingston. His kindness and polite nature has always preceded him. On the October 15, 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw, commentator Jim Ross alluded to the fact that Kofi's time was ticking away. The Miz laid out some harsh truths for Kofi Kingston during a hard hitting episode of Miz TV that led to a huge brawl and a match later that night. Although these comments are all staged and clearly part of the show, they do represent Kofi Kingston's body of work fairly well. He has always seemed to come up short of his potential. For Kofi Kingston, the time to make a move may be right now.

A huge feud with Miz

The Miz, like him or hate him, represents the big time in today's wrestling world. It took time, but he is now considered to be a top shelf superstar in WWE circles. He is what Kofi Kingston would like to be where accomplishments are concerned. This is why feuds of this nature are so fantastic. It is the reason belts like the Intercontinental Championship exist. The Miz holds the belt and mid-carders that are ready for the next level are supposed to battle him for it. If Kofi Kingston is booked right he could walk away with a whole new reputation when this feud is over.

A red hot beginning

Some people including myself feel that Kofi Kingston was given too much success early. It was not that he could not handle the success. It was that the bookers painted themselves into a corner with his character. When a young star wins constantly, it has to stop sometime. If not, then they are forced to put championships around their waists that they are not ready for. That happened with Kofi early on in his career. They felt he was not ready for the big titles, so they had to put on the brakes. That stalled the young man's career.

The time is now

Kofi Kingston has played second fiddle in the WWE long enough. It is time for him to get a mean streak and change up his character. Kingston can be a huge star if he is booked correctly and it begins with a long, drawn out feud with the Miz. In time, they should put the belt on Kofi and let it mean something. He deserves it and so do his fans.

*Southern is a huge WWE fan that believes they could improve a great deal by looking back at the old NWA ways of doing things.

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