Why Jimmy Clausen Must Impress During 2012 Training Camp: Fan's Take

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When Jimmy Clausen was drafted, many around the league scoffed and felt the Panthers were making a huge mistake. As a huge Carolina Panthers fan, I was simply excited to have a quarterback that could work his way into the position. Clausen was a guy that I could see developing into a solid quarterback at the time, so I figured a second round pick was perfectly acceptable. Now, in the shadow of Cam Newton, I see so many more options we could have used with that second round pick. Anybody can see things after the fact, but it still stings. With the 2012 training camp upon us, Jimmy Clausen faces a crucial moment in his career.

Why is the 2012 training camp so important for Jimmy Clausen?

The Panthers are quite comfortable with Derek Anderson as the back up for Cam Newton. Clausen is auditioning for other ball clubs barring something crazy happening. If Clausen can have a great training camp, then perhaps a team will offer a little something to the Panthers to ease the blow of that second round disaster. As for Clausen, perhaps he will get a chance to revive his career.

An unfair beginning

Jimmy Clausen was ill-equipped to deal with the situation when he arrived in Carolina. The Jake Delhomme massacre was in full effect and Clausen was needed long before he was ready to go under center at this level. Still, the Panthers shoved Clausen out there and essentially asked him to learn on the fly. It was ugly and unfair all at the same time. Granted, Cam Newton came in and did the same thing to huge success, but Jimmy Clausen is not Cam Newton. His talent level is not even on the same chart.

What can Jimmy Clausen hope to be in the NFL?

Clausen is a much better quarterback than he is given credit for. His big problem in years past is that he was constantly under fire by the pass rush. He began checking down immediately to keep from getting hammered, and now he seems to do that right away before going through his progressions. This is something that can be fixed if he is willing to open things up during training camp.

Jimmy Clausen needs to simply let go and let it all hang out during the preseason. He should get some snaps to keep Anderson and Newton healthy, so he needs to show other teams that he can be much better than in years past. If he can, then perhaps he can start again one day in the NFL. At a minimum, Clausen could serve as a decent back up if he got it together once again.

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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