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Why Drew Stubbs is Still the Key to Cincinnati Winning in 2012: Fan's Opinion

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The Cincinnati Reds are clearly going places in 2012. All signs point to a playoff appearance and if things go as planned, a trip to the World Series could be in order. While this is no lock to say the least, the Reds and their fans feel good about their chances. As a huge Cincinnati Reds fan myself, I know I like their odds of making back to the big stage once again. Although there are clearly much bigger names in the lineup, I truly believe that Drew Stubbs will be the biggest key for the Reds going forward.

Stubbs is the gas to the offense

One need only look at the fact that the Reds are 43-5 when he scores a run to see his value to the club. His base stealing ability helps open things up and the Reds seem to explode when he is on. Stubbs simply sets the tone when he is getting on base. If he gets hot around playoff time, the Reds are going to score plenty of runs.

Drew Stubbs can add bonus offense

While he is certainly considered streaky, Stubbs still has enough pop in his bat to remain very valuable. He hits home runs, drives in runs and can even play small ball when necessary. Because of this multi-tool offensive ability, he is usually contributing something even when he is on the down side of a streak. If Stubbs ever evens those peaks and valleys out, he will be an MVP candidate.

Stubbs is awesome on defense

Even when he is struggling at the plate, Stubbs is contributing by taking runs from the other team. He routinely gets to balls that most would not, and he does a fine job of keeping the ball in front of him. His defensive ability is an absolute key to the Cincinnati Reds winning consistently.

While the Reds have many huge bats in their lineup, Stubbs seems to be the one that affects them collectively. When he is getting on base and setting the table, the Cincinnati Reds are nearly unstoppable. It certainly makes you wonder what it might be like to have a high average guy in that position.

*Southern is a life-long Cincinnati Reds fan that grew up watching Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and the boys dominate the Major Leagues. He longs for those days once again in Cincinnati.

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