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Why Carolina Panthers Fans Should Gladly Pay for Cam Newton's Autograph: Fan's Take

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The Carolina Panthers young superstar quarterback Cam Newton has gotten used to dealing with his detractors. First they said he would never be able to translate his athletic ability into playing the quarterback position in the NFL. He slayed that notion with a rookie performance that is widely considered the best ever. Now, Cam Newton is getting more complaints because he charged for his autograph at a guaranteed access show. That is a show where you are paying for the right to be assured of an autograph in person for the athlete. Sports stars have been doing these shows for ages and to my knowledge, they have never been questioned for doing so. Cam Newton does it and he is suddenly a bad guy.

Cam Newton is a regular signer for free

If you have ever attended a Panthers function or practice, you know the guys that are signers and that are not. Cam Newton is known for staying longer than anyone to sign absolutely free and even take time to talk with his fans. Cam Newton revels in the time he has with fans. You can see it in his face. He is living his dream and if you don't think that is true, watch him interact with them someday. You will see it for yourself.

Even if he was making a buck, why hold that against him?

Cam Newton has every right to try to earn money as all the rest of us do. The vast majority of people that are complaining about him charging are likely people that plan to sell them anyway. It is cutting into their profits. I have watched guys go back over and over during practice and get multiple items signed while some kids were brushed aside by the crowd. The problem extends far beyond whether Cam Newton was making a couple of dollars or not.

Why the double standard, though? Why is it that nobody has a word to say when it is someone else? As a huge Carolina Panthers fan, I have no issue at all with Cam Newton charging for an autograph on occasion. He still signs for free when he is able. Why not let the man make money while he can? Kids can still get them for free by attending practice, training camp or even during games sometimes.

Cam Newton has earned the right to make a living in Charlotte

When you think of the incredible things both personal and financial that Cam Newton has given Charlotte and the Panthers, it is easy to see why we should gladly allow him to earn money. He has personally turned around a franchise that only a year ago was floundering at the bottom of the NFL. He has made being a Panthers fan a positive experience once again. He has made it fun. To me, that is certainly worth an autograph session or two. Nobody has to attend if they disagree, right?

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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