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Why Boston is a Bruins Town

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Why Boston is a Bruins Town

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Bruins home game

COMMENTARY | Wednesday, April 17, was the first time any professional sporting event took place in Boston since the marathon bombings. It was the Bruins taking on the Buffalo Sabres in front of a packed TD Garden, who were ready to show just how 'Boston Strong' they were. If what happened during the anthem that night doesn't show just how much Boston is a Bruins town, nothing will.

Tough times lead to coming together

There is something about being able to go to a game, with thousands of people who share the same feelings you do and coming together to cheer for your hometown team. As we saw in the days following the horrific events at the marathon, the Bruins were there to provide happier times for the whole city. It gave the city of Boston those few hours to take their minds off the negative things that were plaguing the city.

Some of the players have adopted Boston as not only their home during the season, but in the offseason as well. This makes it very easy for the players and fans to relate to each other and for the players to put forth that extra little effort to give the city something to cheer about.

Win or lose Bruins fans will always be Bruins fans

When you take in a Bruins game in Boston you quickly find out the intensity that the city puts behind its team. Diehard fans are lining up hours before the game waiting for the moment when the doors open and they can race to their seats. No matter if the team is on a 10-game winning streak or a 10-game losing streak, this is the scene you will see prior to the games.

Even when you travel outside of the city and all around the state of Massachusetts you will come across Bruins memorabilia everywhere. The team's flag hanging in the front of houses, the sticker decals on the back of cars and thousands of fans sporting their favorite player's jersey every chance they get.

Passionate city with passionate fans

While Boston may be known for being a Bruins town, it has its fair share of critics and nonbelievers. There are the fans that watch all the games, but never have one good thing to say about the team. They are the same fans that sit in front of their TV and think they could do a far better job standing behind the bench as coach. As much as these fans may not look like they are actually cheering for the team, on the inside, they are cheering louder than most. As far as I am concerned, if Boston wasn't such a Bruins town, they would never have these types of passionate fans.

Once a hockey city, always a hockey city

Being one of the Original Six teams in the National Hockey League, the Bruins have had a long time to make Boston into a hockey city. One thing that is certain is how Boston has developed into one of the best hockey cities in the league.

Not only do the residents in and around the city support the guys that wear the 'B' on their chest, but the Bruins have fans all over the country and world. Many fans flock to Boston to take in a game and experience what it is like to be a part of such a historic hockey atmosphere.

Legends change everything

Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Cam Neely and Ray Bourque are just a few of the names that played for the Bruins and can be considered some of the best players to ever play the game. When you have that type of skill playing in the city, there's no way around the Bruins being the No. 1 team in Boston. In having this kind of history it leads to generation after generation passing down a love for hockey and the Boston Bruins.

Melissa Fiore is a Boston native who has covered the Boston Bruins for as well as being a contributing writer at You can find Melissa on Twitter @melfior829.

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