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Where Are They Now? Five Great Pro Wrestling Tag Teams

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COMMENTARY | Although not quite a lost art just yet, outstanding tag-team wrestling is certainly on the endangered list.

The days of young tag teams paying their dues together in the territories and tag-team feuds headlining major wrestling cards are now part of a bygone era. As the great tag teams of yesteryear gradually fade into obscurity, these wrestlers are finding a variety of ways to live their lives.

Take a closer look at where five great wrestling tag teams are today:

The Rockers

The Rockers were the AWA and WWF's answer to The Rock 'n' Roll Express. Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels used a fast-paced style that excited younger fans. In 1991, the tag team split up, launching Michaels' singles career.

Shawn Michaels went on to become one of the greatest WWE performers in history and he is enshrined in its hall of fame. The born again Christian now lives in San Antonio, Texas, and he stars in "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures." Marty Jannetty resides in Toms River, New Jersey, and he still wrestles for independent promotions.

The Wild Samoans

The Wild Samoans were the perfect tag team for their era in wrestling. They were huge, scary, and they didn't need to talk because managers were in vogue. A conservative estimate has The Wild Samoans winning 18 tag team titles.

As their WWE Hall of Fame profile indicates, The Wild Samoans did not leave the world of pro wrestling when they retired as in-ring competitors. In fact, Afa and Sika opened the Wild Samoan Training Facility in Florida while they were wrestling and they still train future stars today. Afa also operates the WXW promotion in Florida.

The Outsiders

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are most closely associated with the NWO in WCW. But they were first known as The Outsiders before Hulk Hogan turned heel. This tag team was devastating as they made WCW wrestlers look inferior.

Hall's battles with substance abuse have been well documented. However, he moved into Diamond Dallas Page's "accountability crib" to finally get clean. And just recently, he moved out to live with his son, Cody, who is now a wrestler as well. Nash lives in Florida, and he currently has dozens of television and movie roles to his credit.

The Midnight Express

The Rock 'n' Roll Express and The Midnight Express had one of the greatest tag-team rivalries in history. Although they were heels, they were great technicians in the ring. Fortunately, they had Jim Cornette to help them as heels.

In 2010, Dennis Condrey worked in FCW with the NXT team. Bobby Eaton lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has had heart problems recently and had a pacemaker inserted in 2013. Stan Lane also lives in North Carolina and still wrestles part-time. (Although others were in this tag team, I focused on the three most famous members.)

The Rock 'n' Roll Express

After working as a mid-card tag team in Memphis, The Rock 'n' Roll Express took Mid-South by storm. Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton shattered the 1980s stereotype that all wrestlers had to be muscular behemoths to be successful.

The Rock 'n' Roll Express still wrestle for smaller promotions. As recently as 2010, they were tag-team champions. Morton lives in Tennessee and is rumored to be writing a book. Gibson lives in Florida and is part owner of Zeke's Deep Sea Fishing Tours. (There were also others in this tag team, but these are the most famous members.)

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of pro wrestling. Patrick's favorite wrestling promotion was Mid-South Wrestling back in the 1980s. Patrick's favorite wrestling angle of all-time was the NWO and his favorite wrestler is Roddy Piper. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.

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