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Weird 2012 NFL Draft Picks: Videos

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Sadly, DivaLover159 and MultiStudMuffin23 did not have recent videos on their picks for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Instead, we could all use a break from the seriousness of this intense season of anticipation by reviewing the opinions of other eccentric football fans. Thanks to Youtube, the most current and highest ranking 2012 NFL Draft picks with the funniest commentary were easy to find.

Can you get more irrelevant than this?

SEC Today's Hannah Chalker put together an informative history the of NFL Draft that is the tasteful side of weird. On the other hand, there is Mrs. Irrelevant. Similar to Digg or Reddit, is a website where members can post their favorite online content. One user was quick to point out a video that was floating around the internet concerning 2012 NFL Draft picks.

This humorous presentation is one that you will need to see to believe. After you are finished laughing, do not forget to check out the priceless 66 pages of adjacent comments.

2012 NFL Draft picks from the smart kids

If you want to hear about 2012 NFL draft picks from some of the most articulate young people on the web, consider The Onside Kick sports commentators. According to their Facebook page , The Onside Kick is "a weekly sports podcast where hosts Dave Oster, Brandon Swanson, and Ricky Widmer." Although they come across as strange for being so well put together at their age. In the comments section, Onside Kick is being encouraged to keep up the good work by viewers.

If you think these kids are ones to watch, their Friday video broadcasts will extend beyond the NFL draft season.

Number one NFL draft pick has weird voice

Across the web, the projected number one pick for the 2012 NFL Draft is pointing toward Andrew Luck. In an ordinary ESPN video clip, Luck and former NFL coach Jon Gruden discuss plays. Of course, Youtube fans have plenty of informative things to say about NFL star. Regardless, the top comment with 79 likes was, "Andrew Luck´╗┐ has a weird voice."

A nine-year-old predicts the 2012 NFL Draft

Do you believe in using psychics to predict the outcome of this year's NFL Draft? If your systems rely on getting a mystical message from a mysterious source, perhaps you should consult this well-spoken nine-year-old boy . With only 10 views for some of his recent NFL Draft predictions , viewers are missing on a few good laughs.

Astute examples include, "If they played the way they did when they were not getting paid, they could probably win the Super Bowl."

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