Weekly NFL PLayer DUI Arrest Report: Fan's View

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With so many arrests of NFL players for DUI and related charges lately, I thought I would take a weekly look at the NFL players arrested for DUIs. I just don't understand if you make so much money, why you just can't catch a cab, or call a car service or a limo.

Drinking and driving kills people and these guys are all lucky they ended up in jail instead of in a wreck injuring themselves or an innocent driver or family. NFL players get a lot of respect from the community, from kids and teenagers too and I hope all these guys get their act together and maybe use these mistakes to take an active role in spreading the message about not drinking and driving. Here's a look at this week's NFL players arrested for DUI:

Nick Fairley - Detroit Lions - DUI and attempting to elude police - June 3

In the "he really doesn't get it" category, we have Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who, according to a report from the AP, was arrested for the second time in two months. Fairley was arrested early Sunday morning June 3 for driving under the influence in Alabama. To his credit, the first arrest, on April 3, was not for DUI, just for possessing some weed.

It seems to me like Fairley had quite a night on Alabama's roadways, he was allegedly rolling at more than 100 mph in his Cadillac Escalade when he rolled past a state trooper. Fairley allegedly ignored the flashing red and blue lights and siren behind him long enough to catch an eluding charge. He did eventually pull over and was arrested. He was also cited for reckless driving and having an open container. To make matters worse, he was also cited for no proof of insurance. So imagine if he had hit a family, driving 100 mph drunk in a huge SUV with no insurance.

Justin Blackmon - Jacksonville Jaguars - Aggravated DUI - June 3

For Jaguars rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon, regular DUI wasn't enough, he was charged with aggravated DUI, which means his blood alcohol level exceeded .15, almost double the legal limit of .08. Blackmon was arrested in Stillwater, Oklahoma on Sunday morning, June 3.

I think Blackmon also hasn't learned from his previous mistakes, he was arrested for DUI two years ago while still at Oklahoma State. To his credit, he was driving to a Dallas Cowboys game when arrested, so it was football-related.

Jerome Felton - Minnesota Vikings - Suspicion of driving while impaired and refusal to submit to a chemical test - June 1

Vikings fullback Jerome Felton caught a case in Eden Prairie, Minnesota Friday night, June 1. He was arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired refusing to submit to a chemical test. In California, for example, the law states if you refuse the test, your license is revoked for one year. A second refusal in 10 years results in a two-year revocation and a third gets a 3-year revocation. Felton has been in the NFL for five years, playing with Panthers and Colts before joining the Vikings.

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