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Week Four QB rankings

Pro Football Weekly
Week Four QB rankings

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Week Four QB rankings

Updated Saturday, Sept. 29 at 12:17 p.m. ET

Byes: Indianapolis, Pittsburgh

Here are PFW's Week Four QB rankings:

  1. Robert Griffin III, Redskins at Buccaneers
  2. Matt Ryan, Falcons vs. Panthers
  3. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Saints
  4. Drew Brees, Saints at Packers
  5. Tom Brady, Patriots at Bills
  6. Tony Romo, Cowboys vs. Bears
  7. Cam Newton, Panthers at Falcons
  8. Eli Manning, Giants at Eagles
  9. Matthew Stafford, Lions vs. Vikings   
  10. Philip Rivers, Chargers at Chiefs
  11. Joe Flacco, Ravens vs. Browns
  12. Peyton Manning, Broncos vs. Raiders
  13. Michael Vick, Eagles vs. Giants
  14. Christian Ponder, Vikings at Lions
  15. Matt Schaub, Texans vs. Titans
  16. Carson Palmer, Raiders at Broncos
  17. Andy Dalton, Bengals at Jaguars
  18. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills vs. Patriots
  19. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers vs. Redskins
  20. Jake Locker, Titans at Texans
  21. Jay Cutler, Bears at Cowboys
  22. Alex Smith, 49ers at Jets
  23. Russell Wilson, Seahawks at Rams
  24. Matt Cassel, Chiefs vs. Chargers
  25. Kevin Kolb, Cardinals vs. Dolphins
  26. Blaine Gabbert, Jaguars vs. Bengals
  27. Sam Bradford, Rams vs. Seahawks
  28. Brandon Weeden, Browns at Ravens
  29. Mark Sanchez, Jets vs. 49ers
  30. Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins at Cardinals

Not listed: None

The above player rankings are based on expectations for this week only, not for the entire season, taking into account this week's specific matchups and injuries. The initial rankings are compiled before the release of the NFL's early injury report and are updated Thursday to reflect the status of each player.

We base our rankings on the following scoring system: For skill-position players, one point for every 10 rushing/receiving yards, one point for every 30 passing yards, six points for a TD run or catch, four points for a TD pass, two points for a two-point conversion run or catch, two points for a two-point conversion pass. For kickers, three points for FGs of 18-39 yards, four points for FGs of 40-49 yards, and five points for FGs of 50-plus yards. Defensive rankings are based primarily on points allowed, yardage allowed and sack potential.

Glossary of notations

INJ — player has an injury that may affect productivity or availability.
ILL — player has an illness that may affect productivity or availability.
UP — player was moved up on draft board after original posting.
DOWN — player was moved down on draft board after original posting.
Not listed — player is temporarily sidelined due to injury or suspension but otherwise would be ranked.
ACTIVE — on game day, player has been designated active (posted shortly before kickoff, when available).
INACTIVE — on game day, player has been designated inactive (posted shortly before kickoff, when available).

Players and/or notations added after the original posting are shown in boldface.

Note: Remember to check back for late-week and weekend updates, as well as game inactives (when available) in the 90 minutes preceding the 1 p.m. Sunday kickoffs.

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