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Washington Wizards: Five Reasons to Hate the Miami Heat

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COMMENTARY | Why should the Washington Wizards hate the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat? Let me count the ways.

From their star player's history of serving as a roadblock to the Wizards' postseason aspirations to their ability to get talented veterans to take less money or a smaller role for the chance to win a title, there are several reasons why the Wizards should despise the team that hails from South Beach.

LeBron James continues to haunt the Wizards

From his days with the Cleveland Cavaliers to his two championships in Miami, LeBron James has consistently served as a thorn in the Wizards' side.

Back when the Wizards were perennial playoff contenders led by their own Big Three of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, their postseason efforts were often thwarted by James and the Cavaliers.

During a three-year span from 2006-2008, the Wizards suffered three consecutive first-round defeats to James and the Cavs. Even during a time frame when James was widely criticized for coming up short in the postseason, he didn't have any problems delivering the goods against the Wizards in the playoffs.

Now as a member of the Miami Heat, James is the leader of the team that the Wizards look up to in the standings of the Southeast Division.

The Heat convince free agents to take less to join forces with them

As a result of their playoff success, the Miami Heat can persuade the likes of Greg Oden to take lesser money and/or a smaller role in order to compete for a championship.

The Wizards could have used a player with Oden's abilities. His vast injury history aside, if he's able to stay on the court, a player with Oden's skill set would have been an asset for the Wizards, who need an intimidator in the paint.

Of course, there was never a realistic chance that Oden was going to sign in Washington. However, there's nothing wrong with displaying a little hatred toward a Heat team that's able to sign talented 7-footers off the free-agent scrap heap while convincing them to take less to sign on the dotted line.

They're easy to dislike

With their recent championship success and their cocky attitudes, it's pretty easy for the Wizards and the rest of the NBA to loathe the Heat.

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah hit the nail on the head with his "Hollywood" remarks about the Heat. Sure, they're a great team but as an opponent, the tendency to hate them is made simple as a result of the way they carry themselves on and off the court.

Miami has Erik Spoelstra, the Wizards have Randy Wittman

Despite facing his share of criticism over the years, Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has emerged as one of the best at his profession.

Meanwhile, the Wizards are led by Randy Wittman, who could be on the hot seat if the Wizards don't show any signs of accomplishing their goal of making the playoffs in 2013-14.

Perhaps the Wizards can find their own young, up and coming coach under the circumstances of Wittman getting fired. Sam Cassell's an assistant on the staff, so maybe he'll get a shot if Wittman is dismissed.

Until then, it's acceptable for the Wizards to envy a Heat team that's found a coach that's capable of getting the job done.

To become the best, you have to beat the best

Like the rest of the league, the Wizards are chasing the Heat in the race for NBA supremacy. With four regular-season battles looming on the horizon in 2013-14, the Wizards will have several opportunities to test their mettle against the NBA champs.

In order for the Wizards to eventually attain their goals of becoming a winning franchise again, it's essential for them to possess hatred and a desire to compete against a Heat team that's currently on top of the NBA world.

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