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Washington Redskins Should Trade Kirk Cousins to Cleveland Browns

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COMMENTARY | It's seemingly only a matter of time before the Washington Redskins trade backup signal caller Kirk Cousins. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns could use the presence of a talented young gunslinger that's capable of emerging as the answer to the franchise's long-time struggles at the quarterback position.

Here's why it makes sense for the Redskins and the Browns to get together next year and pull the trigger on a trade that would prove to be beneficial to both teams.

How the trade would benefit the Redskins

With Robert Griffin III in the fold, the Redskins should be set at the quarterback position for years to come. Despite the talent he's demonstrated in limited playing time, barring a catastrophic injury to RGIII, Kirk Cousins is going to have to venture elsewhere to secure the starting opportunity that he deserves.

In addition to providing Cousins with a shot at leading the way for another NFL franchise, there are other, more important reasons why the Redskins should finally trade their talented backup signal caller.

A recent report suggests that RGIII feels insecure about the presence of Cousins and that was at least part of the reason why Griffin returned so quickly from his torn ACL suffered last year.

Considering the amount of compensation the franchise relinquished to move up in the 2012 NFL Draft to select him, Griffin needs to know that he's firmly entrenched as the team's starter moving forward. The more comfortable RGIII feels the better off the Redskins will be on the playing field.

Another source of motivation for getting a deal for Cousins done is the opportunity to reel in a high draft pick. As the final installment of the RGIII trade that rocked the NFL world a couple of seasons ago, the St. Louis Rams own the Redskins' first round selection in 2014.

With the team struggling at 3-9 and getting progressively worse as the season unfolds, the Redskins are facing the reality of handing the Rams what could easily be a top-five selection in next year's draft.

Getting a deal for Cousins done with Cleveland could give the Redskins an opportunity to recoup a first-rounder. As a result of the Trent Richardson trade, the Browns own the Indianapolis Colts' first round pick in 2014. Even though it wouldn't totally ease the pain of handing over a top-five selection to the Rams, acquiring the Browns' spare first round pick would allow the Redskins the chance to pick up a player who can help their team next year and beyond.

How the trade would benefit the Browns

It's been musical chairs at the quarterback position for the Browns in 2014.

Brian Hoyer played well in limited action but his season ended abruptly courtesy of a torn ACL. Former Redskins' signal caller Jason Campbell hasn't been the answer and Brandon Weeden has drawn the ire of Browns' fans on far too many occasions with his error-prone ways.

With talented playmakers Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron catching passes, the only thing the Browns are missing now is a quarterback who can get them the football and lead the franchise to their first playoff appearance since 2002.

Cousins would give the Browns a talented young signal caller who could thrive under the tutelage of revered offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

Of course, instead of trading a draft pick for Cousins, the Browns could just simply draft a quarterback in 2014. However, with the recent ACL injury to LSU's Zach Mettenberger and Oregon's Marcus Mariota decision to return to school, the top-flight talent at the quarterback position in next year's draft isn't as strong as it was once thought to be.

That's why the Browns should strongly consider participating with the Redskins in a deal that would reap rewards for both struggling franchises.

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