Warning: Check this out only if you have time to kill


While at work and the boss isn't looking, most of us will take a minute to surf the Internet in seach of fun and interesting sites.

Beware: If you go to this one, you could spend hours perusing all the fun, interesting and just plain wacky golf videos.

British Pathe bills itself as "the world's leading multimedia resource with a history stretching back over a century." And while you can find all kinds of video on all kinds of topics, its golf library of vintage golf footage is nothing short of amazing.

Yu can watch highlights of The 1924 Open Championship, the 1947 Walker Cup, loads of clips of Bobby Jones and even one featuring an armless golfer from 1932.

Give it a looksee, but don't blame us if you find yourself spending hours of valuable work time surfing this site. Or if you get fired.