Vitor Belfort's Wife Wants Wanderlei Knocked Out in 19 Seconds or Less: Fan's Look

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UFC fighter and "TUF Brasil" coach, Wanderlei Silva has added a Twitter tirade to his on-going complaints about how verbose Coach Vitor Belfort is when addressing the guys before the fight announcements. Vitor's wife, Joana Prado Belfort, tweeted her response to Wanderlei's angry bird noises--loosely translated, she hopes Wanderlei gets knocked out again--in less than 20 seconds to beat Chris Leben's record against the Axe Murderer.

On the May 29 edition of "UFC Tonight", host Todd Harris gave an update on UFC 147: "According to [UFC president] Dana White, Vitor Belfort broke his hand while training and will not fight on UFC 147. No replacement has been made. Wanderlei Silva doesn't believe the accident saying on Twitter: 'Nobody punches so hard in training that they break their hand. I think he chickened out. If he was afraid, he couldn't have accepted the fight.'"

Knock him out, please

Todd Harris shared what Vitor Belfort's wife, Joana Prado's Twitter response, "The only thing Wanderlei can do is talk too much, he chickened out several times on fighting Vitor. And now he comes to mention that my husband is ducking? Wand's next opponent, at UFC147 will beat Vitor Belfort's record of 40 or Chris Leben's 20 seconds hahahaha."

Former UFC champion Rashad Evans appeared on "UFC Tonight" as a guest analyst. He said, "...can't have tough fight talk from the wife [laughing]. I'm going to start having tough words from my mom."

Rashad often talks about his mom giving him advice before he enters the octagon. It would be hilarious to see her take on a Twitter tirade against Rashad's opponent.

Trash-talking moms vs trash-talking wives.

Sounds like a great idea for a reality show.

Vitor tweeted a photo of his damaged hand, "Obrigado meu doc @michaelsimoni pelo cuidado e carinho!" which means "thank you to my doctor for taking good care of me".

Vitor and Wanderlei last faced each other back in 1998. Wanderlei is definitely still upset about that 44 seconds of the first round that ended in a TKO. He's waited all these years to avenge that disastrous loss. Wanderlei at age 35 is at the point where MMA fighters have to start wondering how many more fights they have left. His first professional fight listed on was in 1996. His record stands at 34 wins-11 losses-1 draw-1 no contest. The clock is ticking on how many (more) punches this intrepid warrior can take.

Replacement for Vitor Belfort?

With such a short time left before UFC 147 on June 23, 2012, I wonder if the UFC matchmakers are going to find someone willing to step up and take on Wanderlei in his home country. I've been looking forward to seeing Vitor vs Wandy. Whose name will be pulled out of the hat to create an exciting match-up for the main event?

Top 10 List of 185ers Already Scheduled

Maybe Matchmaker Joe Silva will find someone ready and able--but not from the Top 10 185ers list. Yushin Okami might be interesting, but he's scheduled for UFC 150 in August against Luiz Cane. Alan Belcher just fought at UFC on Fox 3 earlier this month. Chris Weidman vs Mark Munoz is scheduled for UFC on Fuel TV 4. Brian Stann is scheduled for UFC on Fox 4 vs the veteran Hector Lombard in August. Tim Boetsch faces Michael Bisping at UFC 149 in July. Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 will happen this summer (hopefully).

That doesn't leave anyone on this Top 10 list to face Wanderlei Silva.

Yet another reason to be upset with Vitor Belfort.

MMAWeekly's Top 10 rankings at 185

1. Anderson Silva

2. Chael Sonnen

3. Vitor Belfort

4. Michael Bisping

5. Mark Munoz

6. Tim Boetsch

7. Brian Stann

8. Alan Belcher

9. Yushin Okami

10. Chris Weidman

If you haven't been keeping up with the TUF Brasil, you can find the full series on

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