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Vince McMahon Needs to Make More Appearances on WWE Raw

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The October 8th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw saw the return of Vince McMahon to television after quite a long break. McMahon was there to give his State of the WWE Address, but was quickly interrupted by CM Punk. Punk felt like he was disrespected by Vince, which led to an extended heated discussion that culminated in the two fighting in the main event of the show. Vince McMahon has a natural ability on the microphone and can get the audience to drastically change their impressions of fellow wrestlers with this skill. The WWE has been greatly missing the skills of Vince McMahon and he needs to make more appearances on Raw in the future.

It was not hard to see the crowd's love for Vince McMahon. As soon as his entrance music started, the crowd jumped to their feet and gave him a standing ovation as he strutted to the ring. McMahon then had one of the best segments on Raw in quite some time when he was going back and forth with CM Punk. When you have two people that are so skilled on the microphone, it builds the suspense and the crowd's interest. CM punk is not one of the most liked wrestlers in the WWE, but he became even more hated after the great work between him and McMahon.

The talking segments are greatly needed in professional wrestling to get the fans to care about the upcoming matches and the wrestlers involved. This is something that the WWE has been greatly missing since Shawn Michaels, HHH and The Rock are no longer performing regularly. Outside of CM Punk and John Cena, there are not too many wrestlers in the company that are great on the microphone. This is why these two guys are at the top of the company.

Vince McMahon has the ability to be one of the most likable or hated members of the WWE. He has a natural ability to raise the interest of the fans in anything he is involved in. When the fans have a vesting interest in what is occurring, then they are going to stay tuned to the product. Since most of the WWE superstars cannot consistently deliver this, the WWE needs more of Vince McMahon on television.

Jake has been an professional wrestling fan his entire life, and went to his first live show at the age of 4.


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