Vertical Pod with Woj: Bryan Colangelo

Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo joins Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical Podcast with Woj.

In a wide-ranging and insightful interview, Colangelo discusses joining the 76ers, the pressure of being a Colangelo, and his tenures as the top executive with the Suns and Raptors.

0:48: Getting back into the league after a brief hiatus.

2:20: Colangelo’s first priority upon joining the 76ers.

5:44: The importance of changing the team’s mentality after years of losing.

8:43: Joel Embiid’s comeback and his high ceiling.

11:00: The challenge of trying to maximize the value of the team’s three big men.

16:19: Experimenting with Ben Simmons’ role because of his unique skill set.

20:59: The benefits of Brett Brown’s previous relationship with Ben Simmons and his family.

22:53: Inheriting Brown as the head coach and building a relationship and trust with him.

27:46: The team’s offseason pursuit of Manu Ginobili in free agency.

29:16: The calls of nepotism after he joined the 76ers.

40:39: Does he feel more pressure to prove himself now than when he joined the Suns?

47:50: Colangelo’s continued friendship with Masai Ujiri after Ujiri was hired to replace Colangelo in Toronto.

51:08: The rush to declare winners and losers in trades and free agency.

56:56: What does he want to improve upon as a leader with the 76ers?

1:02:56: The process of making Philadelphia a destination for free agents.

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