Varnish Software partners with Cedexis to enable fast and flexible private content delivery

Varnish Extend, allows you to extend your Content Delivery Capabilities and Control Click here for high-resolution version

OSLO, NORWAY and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and PARIS, FRANCE and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 25, 2016) - Varnish Software, a pioneer in caching software and high-performance content delivery, has partnered with Cedexis, a leader in internet performance monitoring and optimization, to introduce Varnish Extend, a private content delivery solution. Varnish Extend is ideal for companies seeking to optimize digital content delivery while controlling costs. It is a software layer that enables organizations to implement the content delivery solution that fits their needs, as a private content delivery network (CDN) or as part of a hybrid content delivery strategy.

Changing content delivery landscape
Increasingly, companies are adopting content delivery strategies that incorporate both third party CDN services and private cache servers. Large web properties such as Netflix and Facebook have publicly disclosed their movement to private CDN architectures that include third party CDN services and their own cloud-based caching services. Media publishers and regional broadcasters are leveraging caching nodes in their local market for linear and Video on Demand (VoD), and certain internet service providers are using multiple Varnish nodes to create content delivery platforms for their traffic.

A pre-packaged offering, Varnish Extend bundles Varnish Plus, Varnish Software's best-in-class caching software, a cloud-based global traffic management service powered by Cedexis, proven blueprint, and support. Varnish Extend enables organizations to design and build private or hybrid content delivery infrastructures that are:

  • Available: -- Offers resiliency across multiple platforms allowing customers to avoid single point of failure with one single CDN.

  • Flexible and performant -- High-performance caching combined with scalable global traffic management enables a hybrid content delivery strategy that increases flexibility, control and performance.

  • Controllable -- Evolutionary approach that balances private infrastructure and third-party CDN services based on demand giving customers control over content delivery and costs. Varnish Extend ensures content is always delivered from the fastest server, closest to end users.

  • Easy to deploy -- Pre-integrated software and a field-proven blueprint enable private CDN or extended edge caching to be up and running in as little as four hours, either in customer's own data center, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

  • Low cost -- Transparent and easy-to-understand subscription-based pricing model is based on number of nodes and requests rather than capacity (bandwidth). This addresses the growing decoupling between your cost and service monetization and lets you cost-efficiently scale to support a richer media experience (HD/4K&VR/360).

  • Secure -- Private content is not on open public network.

"The Cedexis and Varnish Software partnership makes hybrid architectures accessible to any company that wants to extend its content delivery capabilities and control while providing a high-performance, scalable experience to their users online," said Lars Larsson, Varnish Software CEO. "Varnish Extend gives customers the software layer necessary to gain complete control to strategically manage their digital content delivery, global traffic management and costs."

"Cedexis has the most complete vision on CDN, Cloud and Data-Center performance from an end-user perspective. Our customers have been designing and building their own hybrid CDNs using our solutions for many years. The partnership of Cedexis and Varnish Software brings a world-class solution for both hybrid and DIY CDN to this expanding market on a global basis," said Julien Coulon, founder of Cedexis.

Availability and pricing
Varnish Extend is available from on a subscription-based pricing model starting at $2,500 a month.

Interactive resources

Attend the Varnish Software & Cedexis live webinar "How to build a private CDN in four hours" on November 16th at 9am ET/3pm CET. During the webinar the hosts, Per Buer, Varnish Software CTO & founder and Jason Turner, Senior Director of Global services at Cedexis, will discuss and demonstrate the solution.

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Hybrid CDN:
A mix of third party CDN services and private cache servers/CDN architectures (companies like Facebook and Netflix use this kind of approach). Regional broadcasters and media publishers could benefit from leveraging caching nodes in their local market for linear and VoD.

Private CDN: Internet service providers, network operators and even auto manufacturers are among the kinds of businesses who have used multiple Varnish nodes to create private CDNs to manage their own traffic and exert granular control over their content and user experience requirements.

Origin shield: Companies with a lot of content that is not frequently accessed, such as VoD libraries, could use Varnish Extend to set up one or more Varnish nodes behind their CDNs, in front of the origin. This optimizes content delivery and caching, protecting the origin from sudden floods of calls from the CDN.

About Varnish Software
Varnish Software is a pioneer in high-performance content delivery including web scaling, API management and content distribution. Powered by a uniquely flexible caching technology, Varnish Software's products, are the indispensable common denominators among the world's most popular websites and brands, such as The New York Times, Vimeo, Tesco, Nikon, and Tesla. Varnish Software's solutions enable organizations worldwide to provide fast and reliable digital content delivery at any scale while giving them the flexibility to maintain control over their content and make the technology their own. Varnish Software has offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris.

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