The Ultimate Boston Red Sox Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Team

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COMMENTARY| It's the summer, which means two things: baseball and disaster movies (Sharknado" anyone?). Really, really expensive motion pictures that send hordes of people inside even in beautiful weather. One of those movies this summer is "World War Z", a post-apocalyptic movie about the world getting infested by super-human zombies. Scary, eh?

WWZ is just another example of the popularity of the zombie genre. With zombie movies constantly being released, and the incredible success of "The Walking Dead" it seems like an appropriate time to see what Boston Red Sox players may fare the best in a zombie apocalypse. Here is the team.

Dustin Pedroia

Strengths- Leadership, defensive skills, personality, agile, good with a bat, arm

Weaknesses- Injury prone, smart aleck,

Breakdown- Pedroia certainly has many attributes for lasting through a zombie apocalypse, as well as leading a group of survivors. He is a quick-thinker, good leader and knows how to keep the morale up. There are a few concerns, including the injury issue. But, the major factor might be his foolish attitude. Those goof balls typically go early in those movies.

Survivability- 70%

David Ortiz

Strengths- Power, anger level, exceptional with a bat, ageless

Weaknesses- Versatility, defensive skills, attitude,

Breakdown- Ortiz would undoubtedly hold his own in a zombie attack. The big man has tremendous power, and good sight. Big Papi is also ageless. His production hasn't slipped one bit. However, Ortiz can have an ugly attitude at times, and tends to put self-interest up front. It's important to trust and rely on others in an apocalypse.

Survivability- 75%

Jacoby Ellsbury

Strengths- Speed, defensive skills, sight,

Weaknesses- Injury prone, inconsistent power

Breakdown- Ellsbury has unquestionable speed. And as long as the zombies aren't super human, he has a decided advantage. It would behoove if he had more consistent power, but does make up for it in different areas. Ellsbury struggles to stay healthy, which could ultimately be his downfall. But, when healthy, he will be tough to take down.

Survivability- 75%

Koji Uehara

Strengths- Arm, ageless, accuracy, attitude

Weaknesses- Speed, agility, stamina

Breakdown- Sure, a relief pitcher doesn't exactly scream stamina, but the guy is all heart! There's no doubt he's a fit in any survivor group. Uehara also has pinpoint accuracy, which would be great for long distance attacks. The reliever is tremendously versatile, which would transfer well. Plus, everyone needs a closer.

Survivability- 65%

Jose Iglesias

Strengths- Defense, arm, speed, youthfulness

Weaknesses- Inexperience, inconsistent, power

Breakdown- There won't be a better defender in the group. Iglesias has exceptional movement and reflexes, which would make him very difficult to be caught. The shortstop would be the youngest of the group, which isn't necessarily a positive. It probably means he will be volunteered for seemingly dangerous tasks due to being not having a major say.

Survivability- 75%

Jonny Gomes

Strengths- Huge, mean, confident, good teammate, crazy

Weaknesses- Lack of speed, over aggressiveness, crazy

Breakdown- There is no doubt that any group needs Jonny Gomes. He is a morale-booster who could certainly handle himself in a zombie attack. Gomes could probably take on five undead at once. He has the strength, stamina and confidence to deal with any situation. However, his aggressiveness and assumed blood thirst for killing zombies would probably be his ultimate downfall. It's difficult to see Gomes leaving a fight no matter the odds.

Survivability- 50%

There's the ultimate Red Sox survival team. It's a mix of size, strength, speed and intelligence to stay alive.

On the flip side, here are the players in the Red Sox organization that should be avoided when considering a survivor group.

Bryce Brentz- Not a very good shot.

Alfredo Aceves- Not a great teammate.

Clay Buchholz- Can't stay healthy.

Steven Wright- Not sure how effective the knuckler will be against zombies.

Good luck, and happy zombie hunting.

Chris Sedenka is a Yahoo! Contributor in Sports covering the Boston Red Sox. You can listen to his daily radio show on 96.3FM in Portland, ME or at He is also the voice of the Maine Red Claws of the NBA D-League.You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisSedenka.

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