After UFC 153, What’s Next for Anderson Silva: Fan’s Take

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Heading into UFC 153, there was a certain calm surrounding Anderson Silva. He was fighting at home again; competing in a different weight class, but most still felt that his opponent, Stephan Bonnar, didn't have a right stepping into the Octagon with the Spider. As much as I like Bonnar, everyone knew the outcome of this fight. All it came down to was when Silva was going to want to end it, and he wanted to finish it off near the end of the first round. After the fight, Silva said that he had two fights on his contract and he thought one would be with Georges St-Pierre. Is that what the Spider should do next, or are there other fights the fans would rather see?

Georges St-Pierre

The fight between Silva and GSP is one that MMA fans have wanted to see for years. For one reason or another, it has always fallen through, but it could be closer than ever before. With a win against Carlos Condit, GSP would have essentially cleared out the UFC welterweight division (aside from Nick Diaz) and could give the UFC no other choice than to match these two men up.

Jon Jones

This seems to be the fight that UFC President Dana White wants the most, but I don't think it is the right move. Jones is a special talent, as is Silva, but Silva has already said that he has no desire to fight at 205 pounds again. He said that he doesn't want to get in the way of his teammates getting their shot at Jones. White said that he will throw a lot of money at Silva for the fight, but I don't know if Silva is the type of fighter that will do something he doesn't want to do only for money.

Chris Weidman

Unfortunately for Weidman, he may be the most deserving of fighting for the UFC middleweight title right now, but for the UFC, it is the big money fights that are most important. I think Weidman could pose a serious threat to Silva, but the UFC can't afford to put their champion in against him and lose. Not when they can make so much money on a Silva-GSP, or Silva-Jones fight.


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