UConn Huskies Football's 25 Most Devastating Losses: Hope for Redemption

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Ever since the UConn Huskies officially joined the Big East college football conference in 2004, it has been a roller coaster ride for the team and fans. Just as the team builds momentum and excitement, a devastating loss can quickly shift your focus to the more successful basketball teams.

These 25 games are tough to look back on, but they give hope for redemption and better play in the future:

1: Wake Forest 24-Connecticut 10, 2007 Meineke Car Care Bowl: After starting out with a 10-0 lead, the Huskies blew the game by going scoreless in the second half and letting Wake Forest run away with the win.

2: Oklahoma 48-Connecticut 20, 2011 Fiesta Bowl: The Huskies won the PapaJohns.com Bowl the previous year, so it was disappointing to see this New Year's Day loss to Oklahoma, where the Huskies scored no offensive touchdowns.

3: Syracuse 42-Connecticut 30, 2004: The game was back and forth until late in the third quarter, when an interception for a touchdown and an offensive touchdown let the Orange pull away.

4: Georgia Tech 30-Connecticut 10, 2004: One week after Syracuse, UConn had a disappointing 3-point game that was barley redeemed with a fourth-quarter TD.

5: Georgia Tech 28-Connecticut 13, 2005: One year later and the Huskies lose again, going scoreless after the first quarter.

6: Louisville 30-Connecticut 20, 2005: The Huskies had the chance to end the season by defeating the 15th ranked Cardinals, but three TDs by RB Michael Bush left them in the dust. It's still hard to draft him in NFL Fantasy Football today.

7: Wake Forest 24-Connecticut 13, 2006: Husky fans wish they could forget about the whole 2006 season, as they ended with a 4-8 record. The first loss came from their future bowl opponents that kept the lead the whole game.

8: Navy 41-Connecticut 17, 2006: Not only did the Navy dominate UConn on its home turf, but it executed a 77-yard TD pass that made the defense look like poodles.

9: West Virginia 37-Connecticut 11, 2006: Fourth-ranked West Virginia made Connecticut look like a practice squad in this easy victory that probably had high school scouts scrambling for the next season.

10: Cincinnati 26-Connecticut 23, 2006: A bowl game was out of the picture, but the squad could have earned respect if it pulled out this victory. The Huskies led the whole game until a last-minute field goal took the lead and win away.

11: Louisville 48-Connecticut 17, 2006: Six touchdowns were too many to handle for the Huskies, as they ended the season with third loss in a row and the biggest margin of defeat.

12: Virginia 17-Connecticut 16, 2007: The Huskies were on roll, winning the first five games of the season until Virginia ended their streak. Another last-minute field goal gave the Cavaliers a one-point lead and win.

13: West Virginia 66-Connecticut 21, 2007: A 9-2 season turned into a 9-3 season after this devastating loss that left a bad taste on the field and an eventual bowl loss weeks later.

14: Rutgers 12-Connecticut 10, 2008: The majority of the game looked more like a baseball score than football, and a safety ended up being the difference maker in this battle.

15: West Virginia 35-Connecticut 13, 2008: The Mountaineers always seem to have control over the Huskies, who took another loss in 2008.

16: Pittsburgh 34-Connecticut 10, 2008: The 2008 season began win five consecutive wins, but after that the team couldn't get two wins in a row and ended the season with a loss to the 23rd-ranked Pittsburgh.

17: Cincinnati 47-Connecticut 45, 2009: Another close game against Cincinnati results in another devastating loss for the Huskies.

18: West Virginia 28-Connecticut 24, 2009: UConn actually came close against West Virginia.

19: Michigan 30-Connecticut 10, 2010: The first opening-game loss in several seasons started a rocky year for the Huskies.

20: Louisville 26-Connecticut 0, 2010: A shutout road game was embarrassing, but at least the next week UConn finally beat West Virginia!

21: Rutgers 27-Connecticut 24, 2010: Another 3-point game leaves Connecticut with a loss.

22: West Virginia 43-Connecticut 16, 2011: One season have finally beating West Virginia, the losing trend continues, as the Mountaineers more than double the Huskies' score.

23: Vanderbilt 24-Connecticut 21, 2011: The first loss of the 2011 season was a close one that sent them on a two-game losing streak.

24: Iowa State 24-Connecticut 20, 2011: In what seemed like a repeat from the week before, the Huskies lose to Iowa State by less than a touchdown.

25: Cincinnati 35-Connecticut 27, 2001: The 2011 season ends with another close loss to Cincinnati, as the team falls on the losing end once again.

Alan Donahue has spent his whole life in Connecticut. He has written hundreds of sports articles and followed the football team since before they entered the Big East.

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