UCLA's Mora upset over Twitter impostor

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UCLA coach Jim Mora wants the person who created a fake Twitter account for freshman defensive back Randall Goforth to go to prison for using the account as a way to talk trash USC wide receiver Robert Woods.
The account containing Goforth's name has since been closed. Mora reacted angrily to it Tuesday after practice.
"I think it's a frickin' joke that somebody would do that," Mora said. "I think you're the lowest form of life if you were to portray yourself as an 18-year-old young man who is out here trying to do his best. Trying to stir it up, attributing comments to him that aren't his, I think he ought to go to jail. That's how I feel. I think you're a scumbag."
On Monday, the impostor tweeted to Woods about the Nov. 17 USC-UCLA game, saying "we will beat you guys on Nov. 17th. Believe the hype."
Goforth told reporters that he doesn't have a Twitter account, and was in a tutoring session when the Tweets went live. He added that he was surprised that he was picked for the account.
"It was shocking because I'm just a freshman," Goforth told reporters. "I have no right to be talking or anything. I have tremendous respect for all those guys at USC and I'm just trying to stay in my place and do my job and that's getting ready for Washington State."