Two UFC Legends Discuss Korean Zombie's Chances Against Jose Aldo: Fan's Look

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The Korean Zombie surprised people and gained new fans and respect for his performance during UFC on Fuel 3, on May 15, 2012. The Zombie continues to soak in the glory for his win over Dustin Poirier--who was the favorite to win. Two well-respected UFC legends, Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans discussed the Zombie's stunning performance on the "UFC on Fuel" post-fight show and also on a Wednesday night (5/16/12) edition of "UFC Tonight".

Former UFC champion and UFC on Fuel post-fight analyst, Rashad Evans loved the fight, "Wow, wow, wow. That's all I have to say. These guys went out there, had a great fight and The Korean Zombie closed the show out in a dramatic fashion. It doesn't get any better than that. You dream of finishing like that and he went out there and he delivered. This is something I just didn't see coming. If you watch Poirier, you see that he is a bigger fighter. You see that he might be able take Zombie's shots and put the pressure on him, but Zombie switched it up on us. He was very creative. He looked like he was having a great time and he was non-stop"

Chan Sung Jung, better known as "The Korean Zombie" has captured attention, not just for defeating Dustin Poirier, but for how much his skill level has grown since his last visits to the octagon against Mark Hominick and Leonard Garcia. The Zombie has won his last three fights.

Chael Sonnen expressed his surprise during the post-fight show, "When did the Zombie become a technician is what I want to know? This guy is a brawler. He gets you tired, he stays on you and he grinds on you. And that's how he wins his fights. Now he is going for the ground. He is going for the stand-up. He is keeping the pressure. He is the total package and I don't know where it came from."

Continuous Improvement

Obviously, the Zombie has been working hard, testing himself and making sure his game includes surprises that catch his opponent off guard. What I've learned from watching MMA fights, is the need for fighters to take risks when opportunities present themselves, in order to set up their opponent to make a mistake.

Jiu jitsu ace, Eddie Bravo, talks about how Leonard Garcia made a mistake in his fight against The Zombie when he got caught in a twister submission move and was forced to tap, losing the match to the Korean Zombie with one second left in the second round. video

Zombie is a Risk-Taker

"UFC Postfight Show on Fuel TV" host, Jay Glazer commented on Zombie's technical performance, "He seemed like he didn't care where the fight went. A couple times, he went for risks getting put on his back, and that was fine. He was able to do damage there and then started to work on his submission game."

Being willing to take risks won the fight, earned him Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses ($80,000) and set the Zombie up for a shot at the title against the winner of Erik Koch vs the champion, Jose Aldo.

The Featherweight Title Shot

Chael Sonnen believes the Zombie deserves a title shot, but he doesn't like his chances, "The leaps and bounds that he is making with each fight, the improvements in the games that he makes, if you put 3, 4, 5, 7 months before he gets in with Aldo, who knows where he will be? And the most important thing physically, is that he can take punches, he can take shots....If you look that good, sure, call out the champion. That's the point of the sport. Does he have a chance to compete with Aldo? Sure. Does he have a chance to win? Absolutely not."

Rashad Evans isn't in such a big hurry to discount what the Zombie (age 25) would bring to the table in a featherweight match-up with Jose Aldo, "I would never say he was out of a fight by any means because of the fact that he seems to adapt and he seems to be getting better. We still haven't seen the best he has to offer, so it would be interesting to see what he can do against a guy like Aldo."

I'm getting really excited to see Jose Aldo vs The Korean Zombie. When that happens, I would expect to see technical striking and jiu jitsu from both of these fighters. Who wins might not be so obvious. It might be the one who is willing to take the most risks and who is able to capitalize on the other person's mistakes. I wonder if the Korean Zombie will be the one to figure out how to dissect Jose Aldo's game and create himself as a legend in the UFC.

However it turns out, people will want to see this fight happen.

Source: "UFC Tonight" on Fuel TV show notes, post fight show notes

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