Twitter's Odds: Triple Crown 2012 Win or Fail?; Fan's View

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Getting ready for the 2012 Belmont Stakes means taking a serious interest in siding with a Triple Crown fail or win. On Twitter, users are quick to give their opinions in the days before the big race. Although many are hoping for I'll Have Another to take the crown as the first Thoroughbred to win the Triple Crown in 34 years -- others are throwing their hat into the ring for other horses.

As the updates for the 2012 Belmont Stakes contenders list are reaching their final stage, here is the last of the social media top picks from amateur and professional handicappers.

Social media's 2012 Triple Crown Odds

On Twitter, user @PaulaEdgar referenced a horse racing picks article about the changes with I'll Have Another's odds at the Triple Crown. She says, "@WPIX: I'll Have Another named 4-5 favorite in 2012 Belmont -- messing up my odds!!!" Also quipping about the odds, @SBJLizMullen says, "Hoping, like all horseracing fans that @Ill_HaveAnother wins Saturday. But will prolly play against him."

When reviewing hashtags like #HorseRacing, #TC12, #2012TripleCrown, #Belmont, or @BelmontStakes in the 72 hours before the race, it is clear that the opinion is that I'll Have Another will be the winner. Alternatively, @MyHorseApp retweets an article from Sporting News that shows some are favoring Dullahan as the 2012 Belmont Stakes victor.

Twitter's pro odds on 2012 Belmont Stakes winners

While most horse racing fans are tuning in to special events like this year's Triple Crown possibility or the Kentucky Derby, there are pro odds speculators that are making their voice heard year-round. With all of the fervor surrounding the 2012 Belmont Stakes, several pros are chiming in with videos, tweets, and articles about whether I'll Have Another stands a chance.

@TheSpread tweets about longshot Optimizer having 22/1 odds while @BookMakerdotEU has a professional-looking video on Youtube talking about their predictions for the 2012 Belmont Stakes. Again, the overall collective opinion is that I'll Have Another has a clear shot at being a Triple Crown winner.

Top five 2012 Belmont Stakes picks

Professional oddsmakers like, Delta Downs' Don, have their own set of odds at racetrack websites. However, there are picks experts online that are not affiliated with a racetrack or professional horse racing association. Instead, they are serious amateurs that like to predict the top five winning horses.

On Twitter, some were giving their predictions for the 2012 Triple Crown for free. For example, @sir_barton tweets, "Belmont top 5? 1. I'll Have Another 2. Paynter 3. Dullahan 4. Street Life 5. Union Rags." Altogether, there are over 100 opinions found on Twitter for the top Belmont Stakes picks. Most link out to articles where the top five picks are listed -- and many have a hashtag for #IllHaveAnother.

Ever-shifting 2012 Belmont Stakes contenders list

Are you trying to make your own predictions about the outcome of the final leg of the Triple Crown? To get started on your own, you will need to stay in touch with the odds regularly prepared (and adjusted) by the Belmont Park racetrack. Since the Preakness in May, there have been several changes to the list of horses that will run in the 2012 Belmont Stakes. Fingers crossed, the updated list for June 6, 2012 will remain intact up until the start of the race on Saturday.

Around the conclusion of the 2012 Preakness, the contenders list included Bodemeister. Pulling this horse out of the Belmont Stakes brought the number of contenders down. Now, bringing it up to 11, Antigun and Ravelo's Boy have been added as new last minute additions.

To keep up with voices before and during the 2012 Belmont Stakes, check out the three streaming Twitter feeds that is hosting during this possible Triple Crown victory.

June 6, 2012 Belmont Stakes contenders list

Atigun, 30-1

Dullahan, 5-1

Five Sixteen, 50-1

Guyana Star Dweej , 50-1

I'll Have Another, 3-5

Optimizer, 30-1

Paynter, 8-1

Ravelo's Boy, 50-1

Street Life, 15-1

Union Rags, 6-1

Unstoppable U, 30-1

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