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How Twitter Users Snowshoe to Work

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This year, people who snowshoe to work are posting photos of their commute online and talking about it on Twitter. What this proves is that winter storms should not give you an excuse to call in to work and give up on exercise. Instead of skipping out and vegging out, snowshoes provides an opportunity to avoid cabin fever and impress your boss.

Fortunately, when a blizzard or storm blasts through your town, all you need is a few basic tips on snowshoeing and a couple of secret weapons.

When snowshoeing is your only alternative

When winter storms hit, some people are cut off from the main road. In times like these, snowshoes come in handy. As one Twitter user states, "Short snowshoe with poles thru deep snow today. Nobody has been on my route in weeks; they must not like crawling under two downed trees."

Of course, when you bike to work, you can also feel like you are out of options due to the piles of snow that narrow the streets. In addition, slippery conditions like black ice can mean that bike safety is at risk. For these reasons, Twitter users are showing that snowshoes are a good replacement for impassable streets and sidewalks.

Snowshoeing commute Twitter tales

In Twitter archives, you start to see that people are typically snowshoeing an adventure to a snowy peak for a weekend of hiking. In addition, you see that the other alternative is using them to work out and walk to work. However, you soon see mentions of the workplace.

For instance, one woman finds taking a pair of snowshoes to work is a good for relaxing during her lunch break, and posts, "This is a pic I took today returning to my work ... from my lunchtime snowshoe."

Secret weapons for the snowshoe commuter

One Canadian tweet exclaims, "#YouKnowYoureInCanada when you see someone snowshoeing to work..." Obviously, a place that has constant snow will have snowshoeing as a regular part of winter. People in those places are likely to have the expensive snowshoes for frequent use.

In any case, what about infrequent snowshoe commuting? Is there an affordable way to do this when you only need it less than two weeks per year? In order to save money, you can spend time tying racquets to flip-flops, like one Twitter user suggests or you can use some secret weapons.

New on the market for 2012, the Airlite company makes inflatable snowshoes. You can easily keep them at work or in your car, but they are hardly affordable. Instead, traditional snowshoes are great for someone that wants to spend less than $30 and only has about a mile to travel. For more durable options, you can use the guides provided on websites that sell snowshoes.

Tips for snowshoeing to work

Reading through tips on what to avoid when snowshoeing does not always emphasize commuting. If you are accustomed to getting in your car to go to work, you could be in for a big surprise. Basically, you will need to take a second change of clothes. After all, ice and melted snow can splash all over your pants and get you soaking wet.

For this reason, do not forget to take a garbage bag for putting your wet clothes in at work. You might also want to take a second pair of pants for walking back home after work.

Finally, the main thing to remember is: Do not forget your ski poles!

Maryam Louise is a life-long advocate of wintertime sports and outdoor living through her experiences in year-round farming, camping, and hunting in Western Kentucky. In her lifetime, she has also traveled to many of the world's greatest snowy mountain peaks in Yemen, Iran, Switzerland, and California.

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