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If you take a look at the website, you have to do some searching to find the schedule of equestrian events at the 2012 London Olympic Games taking place during July and August.

Of course, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) that governs horse-related events at the Olympics gives a link that directs you to page 49 of a PDF that shows times -- but no information about where to watch it on television.

By combining the official time table with American media sources, horse racing and equestrian sports fans can enjoy every opportunity to see Olympic history in action.

Will NBC keep their online live coverage promise?

NYMag published an article earlier this year that states, "All 32 sporting events during the London Games this summer will be shown live on NBC's Olympics website, making good on a promise NBC made last year when it won the rights to the Olympics through 2020." These sound like great ideas, but are they actually true?

Over at the website, clicking on the link for the promised live Olympic coverage reveals a website that shows the least tech-savvy user how to download Microsoft's Silverlight (to watch live coverage online). They also encourage you to set up alerts surrounding the online live streaming schedule, invite your friends on Facebook, and access to other tips about how to watch the 2012 London Olympics for free online and on mobile devices.

To get the best results, there is a mobile app and a tablet app available at the main Live Extra Coverage webpage.

Can I watch the equestrian Olympics with an antenna?

Do you avoid cable television and are worried about your chances of seeing the Olympic equestrian events? Sadly, when I put in my zip code at the website, it was revealed that regular antenna-based prime-time television NBC and NBCSN do not include coverage of equestrian Olympic events. Despite this, do you need television access in the age of the internet?

There is a catch for mobile, TV, and internet access

For those that still want to watch the equestrian Olympic events on television or online, there is a Get Ready tab that lets you inform your cable service provider that you want the free NBC Olympics offer added

However, the provided FAQ below the list of cable providers clearly states, "The live streams are free with a cable/telco/satellite subscription that includes CNBC and MSNBC." This means that someone that does not have a current cable television bill will not be able to watch all of the live coverage for equestrian events online. If you have access to a Pay TV username and password, you can use it to log on.

All TV Olympic equestrian events

On the equestrian page at the NBC Olympics website, it clearly states, "Full live streaming of Equestrian -- all phases of all six events -- will begin on July 28." In other words, you should be able to go to the equestrian section of to see everything.

To give an idea of when to watch, the 2012 Olympic Competition Timetable for equestrian events is listed below (EST).

July 27 - Opening Ceremony

July 27 - Eventing: 1st Horse Inspection

July 28 - Eventing: Dressage Ind /T 10:00-16:45

July 29 - Eventing: Dressage Ind /T 10:00-16:45

July 30 - Eventing: Cross Country Ind /Team 12:30-17:40

July 31 - Eventing: Jumping 1st round Ind Qual / Team Final 2nd round Individual Final 10:30-13:10, 14:30-15:35

July 31 - Eventing: 2nd Horse Inspection 07:45-09:15

July 31 - Dressage: Horse Inspection 17:30-19:00

August 1 - Transition Day

August 2 - Dressage: Grand Prix Ind. / Team 1st Qual 11:00-15:30

August 2 - Jumping: 1st Horse Inspection 17:00-19:00

August 3 - Dressage: Grand Prix Ind. / Team 1st Qual 11:00-15:30

August 3 - Jumping re-inspection

August 3 - Jumping Training Session

August 4 - Jumping: 1st Qualifyer 10:30-14:05

August 5 - Jumping: Ind 2nd Qual. / Team Round 1 11:00-14:15

August 6 - Jumping: Ind 3rd Qual. / Round 2 Team Final 14:00-16:45

August 7 - Dressage: Grand Prix Special 2nd Ind Qual. / Team Final 10:00-16:25

August 8 - Jumping: Individual Round A Jumping Individual Round B - Final 12:00-13:30/14:45-16:05

August 8 - Jumping: 2nd Horse Inspection 09:30-10:15

August 9 - Dressage: Free-Style Individual Final 12:30-16:00

August 10 - Transition Day

August 11 - Modern Pentathlon

August 12 - Closing Ceremony

August 12 - Modern Pentathlon

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