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The Triple-Threat of FC Dallas: Matias Jara, David Ferreira and Blas Perez, a Fan's Take

FC Dallas' New Offense: Matias Jara, Blas Perez and David Ferreira

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David Ferriera and FC Dallas' Coach Schellas Hyndman's Double Standard

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Schellas Hyndman of FC Dallas

As of Monday, August 21, 2012, FC Dallas faithful have had reason to celebrate: Coach Schellas Hyndman's signed Matias Jara. Jara is a massive offensive player that has the ability and stamina to be a huge play maker in Dallas. The 25 year old Argentinian striker has 18 recorded goals to his credit since the start of his career. His speed and agility can outmaneuver defenders and often give him open field to the goal. His youthfulness will play an advantage as well, when you put him on the same team with established offensive threats like Blas Perez (31) and David Ferreira (33).

Triple-Threat FC Dallas: Matias Jara, David Ferreira and Blas Perez

It will be the combination of Matias Jara, David Ferreira and Blas Perez that will challenge defenses this season. When you consider that FC Dallas' David Ferreira has a total of 19 total goals with the club, and forward Blas Perez has 5 with FC Dallas (but a total of 163 goals in his career starting back in 1998), the offensive attack was already on the rise. With the inclusion of Matias Jara, it might have become impossible to defend.

Defending the Trio

Defenses can shut out veterans Blas Perez and David Ferreira, when there are only two serious offensive threats on the field. Doing so, however, will take up most MLS team's entire defense. No one will be left to close out the new addition to FC Dallas, Matias Jara. This will leave many open advantages for young players like Matias Jara to shine and start racking up goals for the club.

Matias Jara and FC Dallas Long-Term

This doesn't even begin to touch on the long term goals of FC Dallas' Matias Jara. With a player in his mid-twenties, it could be easy to visualize such a powerful offensive weapon becoming a staple of the club in the upcoming years. Provided that FC Dallas' Blas Perez and David Ferreira stay healthy and the offensive threat they've been in previous seasons, this should be one offensive attack that is dangerous through upcoming seasons. Fans will see on Sunday, August 26, 2012 how Matias Jara fits into FC Dallas' lineup now, and how he might contribute in the future.


FC Dallas and Matias Jara Agree to Contract

Rob Toccs enjoys playing soccer recreationally and watching it at the professional level. He lives in Dallas and is an FC Dallas fan.

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