Tour Report: 2012 biggest movers: Driving accuracy

Mike McAllister
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Martin/Getty Images Kevin Na improved his driving accuracy by more than eight percentage points in 2012.

Which players improved their driving accuracy the most in 2012? And which players suffered the biggest drops?

The PGA TOUR’s Alex Turnbull compared the driving accuracy and TOUR ranking of 136 players who played the minimum number of rounds in both 2011 and 2012 (thus, qualifying statistically in the category). Here are the five players at the top of the list and the five at the bottom, based on their change in ranking from one season to the next.


Player 2011 rank (accuracy) 2012 rank (accuracy) Increase in rank
Kevin Na 142nd (57.66 percent) 25th (65.91 percent) +117
Rickie Fowler 157th (56.7 percent) 48th (64.43 percent) +109
Stuart Appleby 135th (58.2 percent) 32nd (65.54 percent) +103
Hunter Mahan 83rd (62.85 percent) 17th (67.74 percent) +66
Arjun Atwal 162nd (56.31 percent) 100th (61.12 percent) +62
Camilo Villegas 140th (57.98 percent) 78th (62.01 percent) +62


Player 2011 rank (accuracy) 2012 rank (accuracy) Decrease in rank
Spencer Levin 69th (63.53 percent) 151st (57.3 percent) -82
Brian Gay 4th (72.77 percent) 77th (62.1 percent) -73
Justin Leonard 47th (65.29 percent) 111th (60.34 percent) -64
Carl Pettersson 87th (62.29 percent) 148th (57.63 percent) -61
Adam Scott 62nd (63.98 percent) 123rd (59.61 percent) -61


Neither Rory McIlroy nor Tiger Woods played enough rounds on the PGA TOUR in 2011 to qualify for the comparison list. But here are their numbers had each player met the minimum number of rounds last year.

Player 2011 rank (accuracy) 2012 rank (accuracy) Difference in rank
Rory McIlroy 116th* (60.29 percent) 156th (56.61 percent) -40
Tiger Woods 186th* (48.90 percent) 55th (63.93 percent) +131

* – If he had met minimum number of rounds