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The Toughest Philadelphia Eagles Trivia Quiz: Fan’s View

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The Challenges (No Internet Use before Answering!)

1) Two Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks were the first (data since 1960) to rush for at least 75 yards and throw for at least 125 yards in their first NFL starts. Name the QBs, and give the years (plus or minus two) in which these feats were accomplished. (Four possible points.)

2) The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, and yet hold an odd record regarding NFL championship wins. Give that record; give the teams they defeated, the years of their wins, and for "extra credit" give those championship game scores. (Seven possible points; at least four are total giveaways.)

3) Name the first Eagle inducted into The Pro Football Hall of Fame, and give that player's most impressive statistic. (Two possible points.)

4) Active players: who has more receptions - TE Brent Celek (five-year career) or WR DeSean Jackson (four-year career)? Give their total receptions (plus or minus three). Which player has scored more touchdowns? Give those numbers. (Six possible points.)

5) Active players: LeSean "Shady" McCoy is about to negotiate a new contract with the Eagles. Last season he rushed for career-high 1309 yards; where would 1309 yards rank among the rushing seasons posted by former Eagles backfield star Brian Westbrook (first? fifth? ninth? etc.)?

The Answers

1) The first QB to accomplish this dual threat record was Jack Concannon in 1964; the second was Randall Cunningham in 1985.

2) The Eagles are the only NFL team to post back-to-back NFL championship shutout wins, defeating the Chicago Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams in 1948 and 1949, respectively, by scores of 7-0 and 14-0.

3) The first Eagle to get a bust in Canton's shrine was Bert Bell in 1963. The matter of Bell's statistics is arguably a trick question since he was basically elected to the Hall of Fame as a "League Administrator" (Commissioner, 1946-59) and "Owner" (the Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers). As a coach of the Eagles (1936-41), he lead teams that posted a woeful 10-46-2 record. As commissioner, he brought three All-America Football Conference teams, the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts, and San Francisco 49ers, into the NFL. As a player, Bell quarterbacked Penn into the Rose Bowl in 1916. Either that fact or the morbid fact that Bell died of a heart attack while watching "his" two teams, the Eagles and Steelers, play at Franklin Field on Penn's campus (October 11, 1959) would gain you the second point for number three.

4) The answers in order: Jackson; De Sean leads Brent in receptions, 230-223; Jackson; he leads the big TE in TDs, 28 (21 catches, 3 rushes, 4 kick returns) to 19 (all receptions).

5) McCoy's third year rushing total would have ranked second only to Westbrook's sixth-year total of 1333 in 2007.

The author, a long-time Eagles fan, thinks they should give Shady McCoy the big bucks.

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