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The Top Three Chicago Cubs Who Could Be All-Stars in 2013

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COMMENTARY | Let's be honest, with the fans in charge of voting in the starters for the All-Star Game, no Chicago Cubs are going to get within shouting distance here in 2013. And -- more honesty -- no Cubs player deserves the honor anyway. When a team is 28-39 (as of June 17), it's no surprise when that team doesn't have too many All-Star-caliber players running around the diamond.

But the selection process has little tidbits that will assure at least one member of the Chicago Cubs will be on the roster. Every team must be represented and the players (as opposed to the fans) vote in the pitchers and backups. The players are more likely to vote in someone who might have flown under fans' radar -- think obscure fourth outfielders or utility infielders. It is in these two practices that Cubs players can find hope in getting an All-Star nod.

Here are three Chicago Cubs who might get that nod:

Travis Wood (5-5, 2.65) - Starting Pitcher

If there is one player on the Cubs who should get the call it should be Travis Wood. He has been the Cubs' most consistent player (12 quality starts in 13 outings) and would be the only player who, if selected, wouldn't be getting the "well-we-have-pick-someone-from-every-team" pity vote. Wood should be under consideration regardless and I think he will be made an All-Star.

His 2.65 ERA is stellar and with the exception of his May 25 start against the Cincinnati Reds (five runs), hasn't surrendered more than three runs in a start. He's also batting .296 with two home runs and seven RBIs. Silver Slugger, anyone?

David DeJesus (.260 AVG, 6 HRs, 21 RBIs, .763 OPS) - Outfield

Nate Schierholtz deserves some recognition in the All-Star selection process (you can read why here ), but I think DeJesus should get in slightly before given his consistency. DeJesus' recent trip to the 15-day disabled list because of a sprained shoulder makes him an outside shot to get the nod just because he can't improve on his numbers (while Schierholtz has gotten hot). When you look at the top five outfielders (in terms of All-Star votes as of June 17), it gets tough to seriously consider DeJesus (or Schierholtz) -- Carlos Beltran, Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, Ryan Braun, Carlos Gonzalez.

DeJesus has been consistent on a mostly inconsistent team, which makes him stand out more than he otherwise would. There are plenty of teams that would want his production, but he just doesn't have the numbers compared to the best. The five mentioned players have an average line of .292 AVG,14 HRs, 38 RBIs.

Scott Feldman (6-5, 3.05 ERA) - Starting Pitcher

Feldman's numbers are pretty strong overall, but subtract his two starts against the Cincinnati Reds (0-2, 7.94 ERA) and he's 6-3 with an ERA in the mid-twos. Now I know you can't just weed through stats and pick which ones to keep when determining All-Star worthiness, but Feldman has been a consistent force (though not as consistent as Wood) for the Cubs all season.

He also has one home run and eight RBIs, while batting .207. During a stretch in May that saw Feldman go 3-0 with a 0.94 ERA in four starts, "Feldmania" was born in Chicago. It seems like that alone should be enough to at least consider an All-Star selection.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Cubs follower. Living in Illinois his entire life has given him a chance to closely follow and report Chicago sports as a freelance writer through Yahoo! Contributor and Yahoo! Sports . He is also a senior in college majoring in English and Creative Writing.

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