Top Mountain Bike Designs for Females

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With an increasing number of bikes specifically designed to fit a woman's body, it's no wonder more and more females are hitting the trails for some heart-pumping adrenaline. Mountain bikes that are made for women take in to account the average woman's size, weight and limb length to make the ride more comfortable.

The bikes are tailored for shorter arms and torsos, but longer legs (proportionately) than men. These bikes are easier for females to maneuver and provide greater control. Whether you're a casual mountain biker or an extreme sports junkie, it's important to find a bike that fits your needs and your body type.

There are a lot of choices out there, so here are five low to mid-range budget options to get you started:

Trek Neko: Retailing at $539

This bike is a crowd pleaser. It's built for speed on the road and smooth trails, but it's also tough enough to take on some extreme terrain. The Trek Neko's versatility offers you the best of both worlds, so it's a practical choice for women who love biking everywhere but can only afford to have one bike.

Mongoose Switchback Fem: Retailing at $320

With hardtail suspension and a durable steel frame, this mountain bike is ready for the long haul. The added comfort adjusted for the female anatomy means lengthier, more enjoyable rides. The Switchback Fem, complete with a wider, ergonomically designed saddle, is made for comfortable and longevity.

Specialized Myka Sport Disc: Retailing at $630

Designed with a lightweight frame and added components to suit a woman's body, the Myka Sport Disc is a great choice for recreational mountain biking. This sporty bike is perfect for someone who wants to start mountain biking on a regular basis and improve his or her overall fitness. Efficient engineering gives it a smooth ride for a great workout.

Trek Skye: Retailing at $439

This bike is well-made and extra strong. The sturdiness that comes with the female-minded frame will please riders who prefer longer, more arduous rides. It can handle heavier body types and is built tough with thick tires and a great suspension. Above all, the Trek Skye is a durable bike that's great with impact and well-built to withstand years of use.

Cannondale Trail Women's 5: Retailing at $725

If you're keen on exploration than this mountain bike sets you up for maximum performance and comfort. Easy to maneuver and versatile on multiple types of terrain, this bike is rugged, yet smooth. Brakes and gears are designed to optimize the reach for women and really sets you up for the utmost control. A great choice for a more serious rider looking to start competing.


Trek Neko

Mongoose Switchback Fem

Specialized Myka Sport Disc

Trek Skye

*Abby McMillin loves being a part of the cycling community. From urban streets to rural trails, she loves an opportunity to experience it all on two wheels.

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