The Top Five Underrated Quarterbacks in the NFL Today: Fan's Opinion

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There are a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL today that I feel are totally underrated. No matter what they do, they still don't seem to garnish the clout that they deserve. I'm a New York Giants fan and I still don't think that Eli Manning gets the respect that he's earned. He's so underrated it's not even funny.

So I decided to conjure up a list of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL today that I think are totally underrated. Here are the guys that I came up with:

5: Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears: I confess. I have a man-crush on this guy. I like me some Jay Cutler. I think a lot of what he does and what he's shown is totally misconstrued. I think that he's perceived as being a diva and a crybaby. Maybe he is to some degree, but I really believe the guy wants to win. He throws in a horrible game from time to time but what quarterback doesn't?

This year hasn't been all that grand for Cutler statistic wise. He's only completed 51.6% of his passes and has only has three touchdowns to six picks, but whatever. His offensive line is garbage and has been since he's been a Bear. Say what you want, but Cutler is probably the best QB the Bears have had in over a decade and he deserves to be on this list.

4: Alex Smith, QB, San Francisco 49ers: Now that he has a good head coach and a good supporting cast around him, Alex Smith is finally showing why he was a top draft pick. It took him a while but look at his body of work over the last couple of years. All he did last year was take the horrible 49ers to the NFC Championship and this year he has the 49ers poised to make another deep playoff run.

If you take a look at his career stats they won't blow you away by any means. But take a look at last season. He completed 61.3% of his passes and only threw five INTs. I know that some think of Smith as a game manager but I disagree. The guy can flat out ball. He has the arm, the brain, and everything you could possibly want in a starting quarterback.

3: Matt Schaub, QB, Houston Texans: Matt Schaub is another one of those quarterbacks that I feel doesn't get the respect he's earned. He's a solid QB. I know that he has had some injury issues in the past but whatever. Schaub is never mentioned when people discuss the top passers in the league. Why? He totally should be. I really believe that if he wouldn't have gotten injured last year the Houston Texans would have gone to the AFC Championship.

Since 2007, he has thrown over 100 touchdown passes. Tell me that isn't worth mentioning. I believe that if he can stay healthy this year the Houston Texans will be playing deep into the playoffs. And by the way, the Houston Texans are one of only three teams as of right now to have a 3-0 record. Matt Schaub is way underrated.

2: Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers: Of course this guy is underrated! His name hardly ever comes up when elite quarterbacks are mentioned. Let me just remind you, he does have two Super Bowl rings. And also let me remind you that time and time again he has brought the Steelers back to a win late in the fourth quarter. There may be only one other QB in the league that I'd rather have than Big Ben running my two minute offense with the game on the line. And that would my number one.

1: Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants: What does the man have to do to get some respect? He's a two-time Super Bowl champ, and a two-time Super Bowl MVP. He's led the Giants on countless come from behind wins in the fourth quarter. And not to mention he's the best on-the-road quarterback in the league today. Numerous times he has led his team to battle in hostile environments and walked away with a big, fat 'W.'

Eli Manning will continue to win and there will be those who continue to not give him the praise that he deserves. Maybe after he wins a third Super Bowl, which he will, people will start reading the memo. Eli Manning is hands down the most underrated QB in the NFL today.

Dylan Davis is an avid New York Giants fan and has grown up on New York Giants football. He's seen his G-Men win four Super Bowls and can't wait to see them win four more.



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