Top Five Sexiest New York Jets Personalities of All-Time: Fan's View

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Much like the famous Justin Timberlake lyric, the New York Jets are known for "bringing sexy back."

Here's a look at the top five sexiest New York Jets personalities of all-time:

1) Jenn Sterger: Sterger, now 28 years old, was a fan favorite during the 2008 season for her role as New York Jets gameday host and sideline reporter.

Of course, her stint with the Jets is remembered by most fans for the famous Brett Favre sexting scandal, which included the legendary quarterback allegedly sending lewd, below-the-belt photos of himself to her via text messages.

Sterger has posed in Maxim and Playboy, and she's currently working for The Daily.

2) Flight Crew Nikki: Nikki, a rookie Jets Flight Crew cheerleader in 2011, shook off the first-year jitters to become a fan favorite very quickly.

The Fairfield, CT native brought style, grace and charm to the Jets sidelines, delighting fans with crisp dance moves and an engaging personality.

According to her team bio, the best thing about Jets fans is "the dedication and spirit a jets fan possesses! They ALWAYS stay true to their team, no matter the past, present or future."

3) Tim Tebow: Tebow might just be the world's most eligible bachelor. The ladies love him because he's a true gentleman, has strong morals and serves as a wonderful role model to kids.

Additionally, it doesn't hurt that he has rippling biceps and a muscular 6-foot-3 frame.

4) Inez Sainz: Sainz, a New York Jets beat reporter for TV Azteca, made headlines in 2010 when Jets players threw footballs in her direction during a team practice.

She also allegedly received some cat calls from players, which resulted in Jets brass taking stricter measures with the team to ensure that they show professionalism with all members of the media.

"I have similar reactions in a different kind of sports. But, never, the vocabulary never so rude," Sainz told the morning show. She said she believes other members of the media were most upset by "the vocabulary they used to refer to me." I hope the Jets bring her back to the sidelines, as she was a wonderful asset to the team.

5) Bonnie Bernstein: 41-year-old Bonnie Bernstein became a beloved figure with New York Jets fans during her run in 2010 as co-host for New York football live with former Jets linebacker Greg Buttle.

She also contributed football stories to and hosted a program focused on the New York Jets' playoff run in 2009-10.

Who else deserves a spot on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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