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The Top Five Pro Wrestling Dream Matches

Five of the Greatest Matches in Pro Wrestling that Will Never Happen

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Despite the long history of professional wrestling, perhaps the legacy of the spectacle will be the matches that never happened.

This list was made with the mindset that each wrestler is at the prime of their respective career (or using a certain gimmick that would fit a particular match). I also took into account certain hypothetical story lines and match stipulations.

Iron Man Match: Sting vs. Triple H - When you talk about putting two icons against each other, I don't think it gets any better than this. I would make Triple H the heel (bad guy) and Sting the face (good guy), even though the match would still work if the roles were reversed. An Iron Man match would bring out the best in each wrestler. Sting and Ric Flair had great in-ring chemistry during the late '80s and early '90s. And Triple H's heel character is very similar to Flair's, except Triple H would be able to match Sting's strength and athleticism. Fans would be treated to sixty minutes full of knee drops, Stinger Splashes, spine busters, Pedigrees, and Scorpion Death Locks. We would also see the battle of two iconic weapons: The Sledgehammer vs. The Bat.

I Quit Match: The Rock vs. Macho Man Randy Savage - One of the innovative things the WWE did in the mid '90s was change the "I Quit" match from a traditional submission match to one where characters interact with a microphone, using it to force an opponent to admit defeat in front of a crowd of thousands. So here's my question: Can you name two people in their prime who were better on the mic than The Rock and Macho Man? The match itself would be awesome (People's Elbow vs. Macho's Elbow), but imagine the things they'd say to each other during the match. In terms of story lines, I would like to see a heel-based Macho Man challenge The Rock over who the true People's Champion is. The loser would give up cutting promos for the rest of the year.

First Blood Match: Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Cactus Jack

- From a psychological standpoint, I can't think of a better meeting of the minds than Jack vs. Jake. Both characters are evil, intelligent, and bloodthirsty. Jake Roberts didn't want to just beat people. He wanted to leave a lasting impression on his opponent's mentality. The same could be said of Cactus Jack, only he went about it differently. Jack forced his opponents to rid themselves of their own humanity in order to beat him (like Edge, Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton). With the kind of disturbing promos these two would cut leading up to the match, it wouldn't matter who was the face or the heel. It would just be about how far they would go for blood.

Hell In The Cell: The Undertaker vs. The Great Muta - People not familiar with Japanese pro wrestling probably won't understand why this would make such a great match (if you are in that minority, click here). One could argue that Muta is Japan's version of the Undertaker. Both characters wanted to be more than human in the eyes of fans and their opponents. I could see a story line about a war for control of the dark side. From an in-ring perspective, I think it would be a great showcase of signature moves: Muta's Backflip-To-Elbow in the corner, Taker's Tightrope Walk-to-Arm Smash, Muta's Shining Wizard, Taker's Choke Slam. What if Muta goes for his Moonsault from the top rope and Taker catches him in midair and turns it into a Tombstone Piledriver? Or what if Taker goes for the Hell's Gate submission and Muta counters with the Asian Mist? Of all the weird matches Undertaker has taken part in, the Cell is what he's known most for. In Japan, Muta was the king of death matches, in my opinion. And Hell in the Cell is basically a death match.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match: Edge vs. Raven - Two characters with exceptionally great microphone skills would make for a nice build up to a championship or co-main event on a pay-per-view card. It would be fun to watch Edge cut witting promos that expose Raven as a sulking, unskilled, crybaby. Conversely, Raven's promos would point out the many controversies surrounding Edge's career and perhaps how he stole many of his signature moves from other wrestlers. In the ring, you'd get two offensive innovators: the Rated-R Superstar version of Edge against an in-shape, ECW-minded Raven (which means we'd get to see a Kendo stick).

Honorable Mention:

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan - The timing would have to be just right in order to see who the fans would side with.

Dudley Boys vs. The Hart Foundation - Watch the most decorated tag team in wrestling history against one of the greatest wrestling families in the business. It would be a great contrast of styles in and out of the ring.

Ken Shamrock vs. Tazz (Submission Match) - Similar styles, similar intensity, great finishing moves.

Hardy Boys vs. Sabu and Rob Van Damn (TLC Match) - Only for true fans of high flyers.

Shawn Michaels vs. Diamond Dallas Page

- I struggled with not putting this in my top five. It would be a battle of two great "out of nowhere" finishers (Sweet Chin Music vs. The Diamond Cutter.)

New Jack vs. Big Boss Man (No DQ) - The ultimate thug/criminal persona against a heel-based enforcer of the law with a story line about police brutality.

Hugh Morris vs. Doink The Clown - Just for the fun of it. Although, I think they would have made a great tag team as well.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude vs. Samoa Joe - In the ring, it would be about old school against new school. From a gimmick standpoint, Rude was all about showing off his body and calling everyone else out of shape. Joe would be an epic failure to him, but at the same time, still be a threat. And it would be fun to watch Rude get frustrated about that.

Aaron David Harris, a lifelong professional wrestling fan, covered sports for four years at the Battle Creek Enquirer, where he interviewed several former professional wrestlers including Dan "The Beast" Severn.

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