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Top Five New Matches that Pro Wrestling Should Create

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COMMENTARY | One of the biggest complaints about the current state of pro wrestling is that every match and storyline is recycled from something similar in the past.

While it may be too much to ask of any promotion's creative team to come up with a completely original segment on every broadcast, a few new matches would pique the interest of bored wrestling fans. Some older matches that we never see anymore, such as brass knuckles, lights out, or come as you are, would interest older fans. But a completely new set of matches that have never been seen before would be certain to generate everyone's interest.

Take a closer look at five new matches that pro wrestling should create.

5. New Hairstyle Match

There have been hair matches in wrestling for a long time, but this would be something different. First, it would involve two wrestlers with terrible haircuts, such as Robbie E or Daniel Bryan. After criticizing each other's hair for weeks, they'd finally settle the score in a New Hairstyle Match. The loser would then have to spin a wheel to see what kind of new haircut he'd have to get. Possibilities include the mullet and The Road Warrior Hawk reverse Mohawk.

4. Five Count Match

Several large wrestlers, including King Kong Bundy and Big E Langston in NXT, have used a gimmick in which they demanded the referee use a five count to award them a victory. However, a Five Count Match would mean that both wrestlers could only win by pinning their opponent for a five count. I believe that five counts would increase the suspense for this new match, as well as force each wrestler to execute a more violent, aggressive offense to win.

3. Belt as a Weapon Match

Many wrestling fans are tired of the ridiculous spot in which the referee gets distracted so the champion can use his belt to knock out the challenger. Instead of pretending that the ref doesn't know what's going on, just let the wrestlers use the belt as a weapon. This wouldn't be the standard No DQ match because the belt would be the only legal weapon. To add extra drama, the belt could be placed somewhere that would force the wrestlers to work to get to it.

2. Reverse Cage Match

Everyone knows the standard way to win a cage match is to escape the cage. However, a Reverse Cage Match would put a new spin on this old idea. Instead of escaping the cage, wrestlers would have to climb into the cage to win. If that sounds silly, consider the action that would take place throughout the arena as each wrestler prevents his opponent from climbing in. Once in the cage, there could be a championship belt or a bag of money for the winner.

1. Pumpkin Match

In my opinion, wrestling promotions haven't done enough to capitalize on the popularity of Halloween. The violent, scary nature of Halloween would be perfect for pro wrestling. Except for WCW's Halloween Havoc, most promotions have overlooked this golden opportunity. Even mundane holidays such as Thanksgiving have inspired more creativity (Gobbledy Gooker, Turkey Bowl, Gravy Bowl, etc.) than Halloween has.

To make up for its sins of omission, a wrestling promotion should have a Pumpkin Match. The object of the match would be similar to a Tables Match. You win by putting your opponent through a pumpkin. Also, a strong wrestler could win by picking up the pumpkin and demolishing it over his opponent's head. If Robby Piper could do this with a coconut, I'm sure it could be done with a pumpkin.

If Billy Corgan were to purchase TNA, I'm sure we'd see a "Smashing Pumpkins" match in late October at some point in the future.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of pro wrestling. Patrick's favorite wrestling promotion was Mid-South Wrestling back in the 1980s. Patrick's favorite wrestling angle of all-time was the NWO and his favorite wrestler is Roddy Piper. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.

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