Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Snowshoeing Trip

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Are you in the process of scheduling a winter getaway? Do you plan on doing a bit of snowshoeing during your vacation? If so, you may want to check out my list of the top five ways to get the most out of a snowshoeing trip. Here it is:

Consider Renting Snowshoes

One way you may be able to get more out of your snowshoeing trip is to leave your snowshoes at home. I know that sounds a bit odd but think about it for a moment. If you are traveling to your destination by air, you may have to pay a baggage fee in order to get your snowshoeing equipment onto the aircraft. That baggage fee could end up being higher than the cost of renting snowshoes at your intended destination. Therefore, I'd suggest that you investigate the costs associated with both options and chose the most economical one. Of course if you are traveling by car, you won't have to worry about incurring baggage fees.

Hire a Local Guide

Another way to get more out of a snowshoeing trip is to consider hiring a local guide. I have found that knowledgeable guides can enhance a snowshoeing trip by providing in-depth information about the area's terrain, flora and fauna. Oftentimes, some of the best sources for finding a knowledgeable guide are snowshoeing clubs, tourism bureaus, chambers of commerce and ski clubs.

Recognize Limits

In my experience, selecting snowshoeing routes that are in line with your physical abilities and your time schedule will also go a long way in making your trip enjoyable. I'd also recommend that you take the proper safety precautions during your trip. Safety precautions include leaving a route plan with a trusted source, carrying the proper emergency equipment and dressing appropriately.

Bring Friends Along

Unless you are planning a solo vacation, you may also want to consider inviting a few friends to go snowshoeing with you. That way, you'll have someone to share all those great memories with at the end of the day. You may also want to consider bringing a camera along on your trip too.

Stay Hydrated

Last but not least, staying hydrated during your snowshoeing trip is a good idea as well. After all, dehydration on the trail can be dangerous. In its extreme form, dehydration may potentially result in physical exhaustion, lightheadedness, delirium and loss of consciousness. As such, you'll want to make sure that you pack an appropriate amount of water for your trip.

Killeen Gonzalez enjoys winter sports and recreation with her family. She has also traveled extensively.

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