Top 5 TNA Wrestlers Who Would Succeed in the WWE

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COMMENTARY | Although TNA trails far behind the WWE in terms of popularity among professional wrestling fans, the promotion has held its own relatively well for 11 years. Some of the greatest wrestlers in the world call TNA home, and their athletic ability and charisma are catching the attention of wrestling fans and experts.

Without question, some of these TNA wrestlers would also be successful in the WWE.

Take a closer look at the top five TNA wrestlers who would succeed in the WWE:

5. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode has been a great heel for a number of years in TNA. He has also shown surprising diversity in a number of different TNA factions and tag teams. Roode is above average on the mic, and he possesses the rare ability in this era of wrestling to draw real heat from the crowd. I don't know if Roode can be the larger-than-life personality that some WWE wrestlers are, but he would be a solid contributor to any potential storyline.

4. AJ Styles

Like Bobby Roode, AJ Styles has been entertaining TNA fans for many years. In fact, many wrestling fans consider Styles the greatest ring technician in TNA history. He has all the moves that any wrestler could ask for and just enough size to make his success believable. Though not as good of a heel as Roode is, Styles' recent morose character has been moderately successful. But I think he would be much better as a babyface in the WWE.

3. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin has shown incredible fortitude and determination in coming back from two ACL injuries. And he is now the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Though not as charismatic as some TNA wrestlers, Sabin could breathe new life into the WWE cruiserweight division and deliver solid matches that most WWE fans would appreciate. Also, Sabin is five years younger than Styles and Roode, giving him more time to adapt to the WWE style.

2. Magnus

Daniel Bryan is proof that looks aren't everything in the WWE. And the fact that he is really dating Brie Bella is even stranger. But Magnus has the look that the WWE could easily market. TNA has relegated him to the mid-card for several years, but he is finally getting a push as part of the Main Event Mafia. Magnus is also a very good wrestler and at 26 years of age, he could develop into the greatest WWE British star since Davey Boy Smith.

1. Austin Aries

It takes a lot for a wrestler to make me laugh, but I find Austin Aries hilarious. Fortunately, he is also a dynamic wrestler. This combination makes it an absolute certainty that Aries would succeed in the WWE. Many smaller wrestlers are also doing very well in the WWE and Aries could be the best of them all. Like several others on this list, Austin Aries is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and he would make any WWE title relevant as well.

Bonus pick: Velvet Sky

Most fans feel that the WWE Divas division could use some work. TNA Knockout Velvet Sky would help the WWE recapture some of the success it had with its female wrestlers in the Attitude Era. Velvet Sky was an incredible heel in TNA as part of the legendary Beautiful People faction. She has also improved as a wrestler to the point that she could work well in a WWE match. And, of course, male WWE fans would not be getting popcorn when she's on.

Endnote on TNA wrestlers not included

TNA wrestlers who have already spent a significant part of their careers in the WWE are not included in this article. That's why I left off TNA wrestlers such as Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson. Concerning Sting, if he ever did go to the WWE, it would likely be a brief stay to only work one or two pay-per-views.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of pro wrestling. Patrick's favorite wrestling promotion was Mid-South Wrestling back in the 1980s. Patrick's favorite wrestling angle of all-time was the NWO and his favorite wrestler is Roddy Piper. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.

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