My Top 5 Memorable Moments from Week 1 of the Olympics

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I have watched hours of the Olympics and am going to try and pick my top 5 memorable moments from the first week. No doubt this list will be very subjective and would be up for argument based on each persons individual opinions. Many have scrutinized the Olympic coverage by NBC and have not liked the tape delayed airing of major events in the evening, but I have just tried hard to not see the results before the event took place. I have had some spoiled before watching them on TV, but it is still always interesting to see how the event unfolded. Here is a look at my top 5 moments.

#5 Katie Ledecky wins 800m Freestyle

This was amazing mostly based on the fact that Katie Ledecky is just 15 years old and because she absolutely destroyed the competition. Up until the last 50 meters of the race she was actually ahead of the world record pace before dropping off slightly. Ledecky had to immediately deal with doping questions, which she obviously denied. It is sad when the speculation turns to doping right away instead of giving the athlete credit for an amazing race. We should all let the Olympic Committee take care of any possible cheating. It should be innocent until proven guilty right?

#4 Men's USA Basketball Dominance

The USA men's team is 3-0 with an average winning margin of just over 52 points per game. They don't have nearly the star power as the original Dream Team, but they have a solid group of young guys that are more than eager to compete in the Olympics. Arguably, they could be one of the top 3 or 4 teams ever assembled for the Olympics.

#3 Women's Gymnastics win all around gold medal

Talk about pressure. They were on the cover of Sports Illustrated. They were plastered all over the early days of Olympic coverage, continually giving interviews and they were anointed the "Fab 5". They lived up to expectations though as they brought home the gold medal. The US had the highest score in 3 or the 4 events.

#2 Gabrielle Douglas wins individual all around gymnastics gold medal

Just 16 years old, Gabrielle Douglas brought home the gold medal in individual gymnastics all around. The sacrifices that Olympic athletes make are undeniable. Douglas left her family when she was 14 to go to Iowa to train for the Olympic Games. All that hard work and dedication paid off.

#1 Michael Phelps continued dominance and the breaking of the overall medal records

For Michael Phelps the 2012 Olympics got off to a somewhat shaky start, but he has finished strong. It is undeniable the impression Phelps has made over the past 3 Olympics. He, no doubt, goes down as the greatest swimmer in the history of the Olympics and very few would even argue against him as being the greatest Olympian ever. Phelps has already won 21 medals and it is likely to be 22 by the time the Olympics are over. Phelps has said he will call it quits, but if he does decide to make a run for the 2016 Olympics he would be able to add to his already remarkable total.


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