Top 5 Longest Chicago Cubs Losing Streaks in History: Fan's Perspective

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Chicago Cubs losing streaks

The 1997 Chicago Cubs will have to put the champagne back on ice. The 2012 Cubs finally ended their 12-game losing streak with an 11-7 win over the San Diego Padres. The win ensured the '97 Cubs of holding onto their franchise-record longest losing streak of 14 games.

Take a look back at the five longest Chicago Cubs losing streaks in history.

5. (tie) 2012: 12-game losing streak

As a huge fan of the 1984 Cubs, I couldn't think of a better way for Chicago to end their losing streak than against the Padres. After getting shut down by opposing starting pitchers for a week, the Cubs exploded for 11 runs to end the slide.

5. (tie) 1981: 12-game losing streak

1981 was the second year I had WGN in New Orleans and if I was able to stay faithful during those first couple of years, I knew I'd be a diehard fan for life. Even in a strike-shortened season, Chicago played enough games to lose 12 straight.

5. (tie) 1970: 12-game losing streak

Just one year after the famous 1969 season, Chicago experienced another historic collapse. However, the 1970 Cubs had their losing streak in June. Still, Chicago also won 11 straight and managed to finish with an 84-78 record in the NL East.

2. (tie) 1985: 13-game losing streak

Chicago was also coming off a great season in 1985. Early on, it looked like the Cubs would repeat as NL East champions. But Chicago's starting pitchers were decimated by injuries. At one point, every starting pitcher was on the disabled list.

2. (tie) 1982: 13-game losing streak

The only thing that kept me from switching to WTBS and becoming an Atlanta Braves fan in the early 1980s is that Atlanta and New Orleans are rivals and even a bad Chicago team is better than any Atlanta team. The 1982 Cubs outdid the '81 Cubs' slide by one game.

2. (tie) 1944: 13-game losing streak

Little did Cubs fans know that Chicago was on the brink of the World Series in 1944. Like most teams, many Chicago players were serving in World War II that year. In fact, the war is probably the reason for both the 1944 fail and the 1945 success.

1. 1997: 14-game losing streak

The worst thing about the 1997 fiasco is that Chicago began the season with the longest losing streak in franchise history. By mid-April, it was already "wait till next year!" With the 2012 losing streak coming to an end, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston and Sammy Sosa will have to wait to pop the champagne.

Patrick Michael is a resident of New Orleans, but grew up watching the Chicago Cubs on WGN with Harry Caray and Steve Stone as the announcers. A diehard Cubs fan, Patrick's favorite season was 1984 when the Cubs were one win away from reaching the World Series. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.


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