Top 25 All-Time Classic College Football Uniforms: History, Dedication, Honor

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Top 25 All-Time Classic College Football Uniforms: History, Dedication, Honor

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Michigan Wolverines in 1900.

A college football uniform is more than a jersey; it portrays history, dedication, and honor while demanding respect.

The list below captures the best 25 all-time classic college football jerseys. The list is based on classiness, timelessness, color schemes, prestige, program history, and overall aesthetics. Any one of these uniforms in the list below captures the quintessential history of college football.

Please note that for the majority of schools, I have used the home uniform.

25: Oregon Ducks: The colors may vary from green, white, to yellow, but the Ducks are an extremely tough team.

24: Maryland Terrapins: The mix of red, white, black, and gold make for an eclectic look.

23: The Ohio State Buckeyes: The scarlet and gray are a powerhouse of a combination.

22: Western Michigan University Broncos: The pairing of brown and gold is a sign to behold.

21: North Carolina Tar Heels: The duet of "Tar Heel" blue and white is pretty sweet.

20: Tennessee Volunteers: Orange and white create a "Sea of Orange," which drives fear into opponents.

19: UCLA Bruins: Don't let the Bruins' blue and gold fool you; they're a dangerous combination.

18: Georgia Bulldogs: Red and black are as mean as a bulldog in a fight.

17: Florida State Seminoles: Garnet and gold are an awesome combination for the Seminoles.

16: Texas Longhorns: Burnt orange and white drive horns into any competition.

15: Penn State Nittany Lions: Navy blue and white are simple -- yet classic.

14: Auburn Tigers: Navy blue paired with burnt orange is pure domination.

13: Virginia Tech Hokies: Chicago maroon and burnt orange are a dynamic color scheme

12: LSU Tigers: A white uniform with purple and gold stripes creates a prestigious look.

11: Oklahoma Sooners: The crimson and cream are timeless, and the Sooners dominate the Big 12.

10: Florida: Orange, blue, and white -- a powerhouse in the South.

9: Ole Miss Rebels: Yale blue with Harvard crimson evokes patriotism in Lafayette County Mississippi.

8: Iowa Hawkeyes: Black, white, and gold together exude domination.

7: Alabama Crimson Tide: Together, crimson and white make anyone in 'Bama nation say, "Roll, Tide, Roll!"

6: West Virginia Mountaineers: A blue background with old gold numbers portrays the toughness of West Virginians.

5: Texas A&M Aggies: Maroon and white -- simple yet elegant.

4: Navy Midshipman: Navy blue and gold greatly complement one another.

3: USC Trojans: Cardinal paired with gold brings one back to the gladiator days.

2: Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Navy blue, gold, and white are simple, timeless, and classy.

1: Michigan Wolverines: Maize and blue culminate into the epitome of a perfect college football uniform.



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Geoffrey Boltach grew up less than 10 miles from the Big House and is a lifelong Michigan Wolverine fan. Follow him on twitter @boltach.

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