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Top 25 Reasons I Dislike Ohio State: A Michigan Fan's Take

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I don't think anything epitomizes the phrase "football rivalry" like Michigan-Ohio State. I love the Michigan Wolverines. This conversely means that I have a strong dislike for all things Ohio State. I make it a routine to let people know that I refer to that school as "Ohio Stank."

Here are my top 25 reasons I don't care very much for Ohio State:

1. Horrible Fight Song - It's the corniest, most annoying thing you'll hear in college sports. And given the old-school manner of band songs, that's saying something.

2. Terrible Quarterbacks - We Michigan fans can brag about the greatness of quarterback Tom Brady. Ohio State has … well, Troy Smith. How'd that work out?

3. Jim Tressel - I could make a top 30 list of reasons why I don't like this former coach. He'll be sitting at home watching the "Law & Order" marathon because he sure won't be coaching in 2012.

4. Embarrasses the conference in big games - Florida, LSU, Texas. Those are the teams that Ohio State lost to in bowl games after winning or sharing the Big Ten title, according to

5. Self-Entitled Fans - They forget that it's Michigan that holds the most Big Ten titles in the history of the conference, not the Buckeyes. Check if you don't believe me.

6. E. Gordon Gee - All you need to do is type "Little Sisters of the Poor" along with his name in any search engine and you'll see what I mean.

7. Lack of In-State rival - In my opinion, great teams prove themselves in-state and out-of-state. And although Ohio State isn't the only team in this situation, it is still easier because it doesn't have to deal with a major power in the state like other teams do.

8. Uniform Colors - The colors might be cool if the designers didn't butcher them with weird stripe patterns.

9. Buckeyes - Does the name "buckeyes" instill fear in the hearts and minds of football programs nationwide? Why don't you asked Florida, Texas, and LSU about that.

10. Tattoo Scandal - Of all the things a team can do to violate NCAA rules, Ohio State manages to do the most insipid, asinine thing possible: trade championship rings for tattoos. Ridiculous.

11. Terrelle Pryor - Just when you thought Ohio State couldn't get anymore pretentious, the Buckeyes recruit quarterback Pryor, a poor man's version of Cam Newton in more ways than one. By the way, what's Pryor doing now?

12. Boring Home City - There's not a whole lot to do in Columbus. So you're kinda stuck waiting for the game.

13. The Mascot - It looks like something straight out of a really bad Disney movie.

14. Urban Meyer - I'll put it to you this way. Replacing Jim Tressel for Urban Meyer is like trying to clean the kitchen floor with a dirty, overpriced mop.

15. "The" Ohio State - Nothing says pretentious like referring to your school as "The." The only other school that might be worse is Miami calling itself "The U."

16. Helmet Stickers - The last time I checked, I thought stickers were for little kids in elementary school, not for supposedly good football players.

17. Lack of In-State retention - Ohio State fans always say that Michigan's best players and coaches came from Ohio. Perhaps that's because there's something about the school they dislike. Like its pretentiousness.

18. The 2010-2011 Sugar Bowl - In the wake of the tattoo scandal, the good folks at the NCAA decided to allow the players involved to play in the Sugar Bowl and serve their suspensions the following season. If Ohio State had any dignity, it would have kept the players out of that game. But it didn't do that. Big surprise.

19. The Columbus Media - I understand that every team's home city media has a slight bias. But with Ohio State, especially the radio heads, there is absolutely no objectivity whatsoever. They're always making themselves out to be the victims of some unseen injustice when it loses.

20. The Jim Tressel Sweater Vest - One of the many benefits of Tressel being gone is that I don't have to be subjected to another fan wearing one.

21. Tressel-Ball - Even the most die-hard Ohio State fans will tell you that they hated Jim Tressel's refusal to take risks in big games. For once, we agree.

22. The Stadium - They really need to remodel that thing.

23. Lack of Intelligence - For a school that actually has really good academic programs, Ohio State's football teams look timid during the big games that I have watched it play.

24. Michigan Envy - Deep down inside, I believe that every Ohio State fan, player, and coach wants very badly to be a Wolverine.

25. Lack of Interest - Had it not been for the violations and scandals, Ohio State would just be another dusty old program living off its history, in my opinion.

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Aaron David Harris is a graduate of the University of Michigan (Class of 2007). He also covered sports in Michigan for four years at The Battle Creek Enquirer (in Battle Creek, MI). Visit him at

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