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Top 25 Greatest College Football Rivalry Trophies of All Time

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Every college football team wants to win the coveted Waterford Crystal football -- awarded to the winner of the annual BCS National Championship Game. But winning a less valuable trophy for beating a bitter rival can be sweeter.

Here's a look at the top 25 rivalry trophies in college football:

25. Iron Skillet, TCU vs SMU: While TCU and SMU have been essentially battling for a frying pan since 1946, the Iron Skillet is symbolic of a hard-earned victory on the gridiron.

24. Milk Can, Boise State vs Fresno State: This one will definitely make you scratch your head, until you realize that California and Idaho are two of the nation's top dairy producers.

23. Apple Cup, Washington vs Washington State: These in-state foes have been battling it out since 1900, but the trophy was established in 1962.

22. Commonwealth Cup, Virginia vs Virginia Tech: These heated rivals have been fighting head-to-head for the Commonwealth Cup since the mid-'90s.

21. Silver Spade, UTEP vs New Mexico State: "The Battle of I-10" has been brewing since 1914. While NMSU has dominated in basketball, UTEP leads the football series by a mark of 52-35-2.

20. Illy Illibuck Trophy, Illinois vs. Ohio State: These teams used to play for a live turtle, but that all changed in 1927 when they changed the trophy to a carved wooden turtle.

19. Victory Bell, USC vs UCLA: Two of the top programs in California have been fighting for this prize since the early-1940s.

18. Legends Trophy, Notre Dame vs. Stanford: This one might rank higher on the list as time progresses. Unfortunately, this trophy has only been around since 1989.

17. Paul Bunyan Trophy, Michigan vs. Michigan State: These teams have a "Sibling Rivalry" that dates back to the early-1900s, and they have been playing for the Paul Bunyan Trophy since 1953.

16. Jeweled Shillelagh, USC vs. Notre Dame: USC plays Notre Dame every year, and both programs are typically among the best in the nation. They have been playing for the Jeweled Shillelagh since 1952.

15. Stanford Axe, Stanford vs. California: It's called the "Big Game" when Stanford plays California, and for good reason. Thousands of fans flock to see these teams for their annual clash, and the trophy has been around since 1933.

14. Golden Egg Trophy, Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State: It's only fitting that the winner of the Egg Bowl should receive a golden egg. The trophy has been given out since 1927.

13. Little Brown Jug, Michigan vs. Minnesota: You'll never see two teams fighting harder for a trophy with less value. This trophy dates back over 100 years, to the early-1900s.

12. Old Oaken Bucket, Indiana vs. Purdue: This trophy has been given to the winner of Indiana vs. Purdue since 1925.

11. James E. Foy, V-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy, Alabama vs. Auburn: Alabama and Auburn are bitter rivals, so it's fitting that they should have a rivalry trophy. This one dates back to 1948.

10. Platypus Trophy, Oregon vs. Oregon State: The winner of the Cival War rivalry game has been given the Platypus Trophy since 2007.

9. Commander-in-Chief Trophy, Army vs. Air Force: This trophy, also awarded at times to Army vs. Navy or Air Force vs. Navy, has been around since 1972 and is awarded to the team that wins the three-game series of head-to-head matchups between the nation's service academies.

8. The Palladium Trophy, Troy vs Middle Tennessee: It doesn't get much more intense than Troy vs. Middle Tennessee. The Palladium Trophy has been awarded since 2003.

7. Textile Bowl Trophy, Clemson vs. North Carolina State: Awarded to the winner of the Textile Bowl each season. The trophy began being awarded in 1981.

6. Floyd of Rosedale, Iowa vs. Minnesota: There's no doubt this one deserves a spot in the top ten. Floyd Of Rosedale is a giant trophy shaped like a pig, and has been awarded since 1935.

5. The Slab of Bacon, Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Unfortunately, this one went out of commission and was replaced by Paul Bunyon's axe. It doesn't get much more awesome than a slab of bacon to celebrate a victory over a rival.

4. Keg of Nails, Louisville vs. Cincinnati:

This one is bizarre, but at least it's unique. The winner of Louisville vs. Cincinnati receives a real keg, supposedly filled with nails.

3. Governor's Cup, Kansas vs. Kansas State: This trophy is classy and traditional, awarded to the annual winner of the Sunflower Showdown rivalry game. It has been around since 1969.

2. Magnolia Bowl Trophy, LSU vs. Ole Miss: This one is awarded to the annual Magnolia Bowl and has been given out since 2008.

1. Territorial Cup, Arizona State vs. Arizona: This one gets the No. 1 spot because the trophy dates back over 100 years, making it one of the oldest and greatest rivalry traditions in college football.

Eric Holden is a graduate of Hofstra University, but he cheers for Notre Dame due to his Irish family history. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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